Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker

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Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker

...Woodworker - The Final: The three finalists build a kitchen island and an accessory to compliment it. Who has the recipe for success to be crowned as Britain's Best Woodworker? (S3 Ep8)

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Series 3
...Woodworker: It's the semi-final, and it all hangs in the balance as the woodworkers create a hanging chair and master the pole lathe. Who will be sitting pretty in the final? (S3 Ep7)
...Woodworker: The five remaining woodworkers make a beautiful four-poster bed and carve an Indian block print. But will their skills be the stuff of dreams or a living nightmare? (S3 Ep6)
...Woodworker: The woodworkers make a supersize creepy crawly and use all their canine cunning to build a house for a four-legged friend. Who will the judges think is top dog? (S3 Ep5)
...Woodworker: The woodworkers turn fiction into fact by making a freestanding bookshelf. But whose wooden candelabra will light their way to the next round? (S3 Ep4)
...Woodworker: The woodworkers create a beautiful coffee table and perfect, matching wooden dice. But whose winning streak will guarantee them a place in the next round? (S3 Ep3)
...Woodworker: The remaining woodworkers throw all their energy into creating two freestanding lamps. Who will stay in the spotlight and who will be left in the dark? (S3 Ep2)
...Woodworker: Mel Giedroyc hosts, as a brand new stack of enthusiasts fight hammer and nail to be crowned Britain's Best Woodworker. Whose wooden greetings card will make the cut? (S3 Ep1)
Series 2
...Woodworker - The Final: Mel Giedroyc hosts, as the woodworkers build a home bar complete with a sign, before happy hour starts for the winner of Britain's Best Woodworker. (S2 Ep8)
...Woodworker: Mel Giedroyc hosts the semi-final, as the woodworkers carve a bespoke desk and wooden vase for a place in the final. Who will have a good day at the office? (S2 Ep7)
...Woodworker: Mel Giedroyc hosts, as the woodworkers make a stylish rocking chair and bird box. Who will roll into the semi-final and who will finally fall off their perch? (S2 Ep6)
...Woodworker: Mel Giedroyc hosts, as the woodworkers create a sea-inspired sculpture from a tree trunk and turn a perfectly proportioned spinning top on a traditional pole lathe. (S2 Ep5)
...Woodworker: Mel Giedroyc hosts, as the woodworkers make a daybed and master the art of pyrography by scorching a portrait of Mel onto wood. But whose hopes will go up in flames? (S2 Ep4)
...Woodworker: Mel Giedroyc hosts, as the woodworkers create a childhood-inspired toy and a Welsh love spoon. Who can serve up a masterpiece for a place in the next round? (S2 Ep3)
...Woodworker: The woodworkers race against time to make a handcrafted clock and a bunch of realistic roses from delicate pieces of planed wood. But whose time is finally up? (S2 Ep2)
...Woodworker: Mel Giedroyc welcomes 10 of Britain's top woodworkers, who have just two days to make a dining table inspired by a country of their choice. (S2 Ep1)