Hey You What If?

March 2020

Series 1: 20. You Try to Catch a Falling Star?

4.0 1 x
What happens if you try to catch a falling star? Spoiler alert - probably best not to try!

Series 1: 19. You Could Run at the Speed of Sound?

4.0 4 x
A fun run goes wrong when one ambitious runner tries running at the speed of sound.

Series 1: 18. The Earth Was Shaped Like a Doughnut?

4.0 3 x
Would it be possible to live on an Earth shaped like a doughnut? You might be surprised!

Series 1: 17. You Could Live in Slow Motion?

4.0 1 x
Find out why living in slow motion would let you see things no-one else can!

Series 1: 16. You Could Actually Reach for the Stars?

4.0 2 x
Want to reach for the stars? It would be the journey of a lifetime - literally.

Series 1: 15. Everything You Touched Turned to Gold?

4.0 2 x
What if you could turn things to gold? This episode shows that it might not work out that well.

Series 1: 14. You Could Live on the Moon?

4.0 1 x
Some day people will live on the moon – find out just what they are in for.

Series 1: 13. You Could Shrink Yourself?

3.0 3 x
If you have always wanted to shrink yourself, this is the episode for you!

Series 1: 12. You Can't Wait for Christmas?

4.0 2 x
It really is possible to time travel into the future, and the team show you how!

Series 1: 11. We Could Actually Stop Climate Change?

3.0 3 x
The planet is being destroyed - but this episode demonstrates the things you can do to help save it.
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