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Hey You What If?

Could you build a slide to the other side of the world? You would need to start in space, use the slippiest slide ever and make sure you have enough supplies before you go down it!

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Series 2
We find out what would happen if you shrank the earth. You could jump higher and move faster, but you would end up with altitude sickness even at sea level.
Is it possible to build a sand castle the size of a real castle? We imagine how it could be done, using a pneumatic drill and a huge, solid gold steamroller!
What would the planet be like if all other humans disappeared, leaving you as the last person on earth?
We try using a gravity-bending black hole and spinning the earth faster to see if we can make it possible to walk on the ceiling..
We look at whether some animals can get gigantic and find out that if you are being chased by a giant snail or a humungous butterfly, then fear not, you must be dreaming.
We take inspiration from the natural world as we imagine a new kind of superhero that can walk up walls.
We imagine a world where it's possible to move things with your mind like films, but find that the laws of physics mean that this superpower wouldn't quite work like you'd expect.
There is a way that Earth could have a second sun, so we try it out to see what happens.
We try out three potential ways to become invisible and discover some surprising side effects.
Find out how to shout from one side of the world to the other.
Venus has acid rain, crushing pressure, and is hotter than an oven, so it might not sound like the ideal place to live. However, up in the clouds it's almost just like home.
Imagine if we had a thermostat that could turn the world temperature down - could we fix global warming? But be careful, a few degrees too far could cause an ice age.
From cloning to 3D printing, what if we could actually make copies of ourselves?
Bugs might be annoying, but we would soon regret it if we got rid of them - all our favourite foods would disappear, and there would be dung everywhere!
Wouldn't it be cool to be able to walk through walls? From turning into a gas to quantum trickery, we discover why it wouldn't be quite as useful as you'd like.
Series 1
Experience the ultimate in long-distance travel - a holiday on Mars!
Find out why turning into a huge giant would be no fairy tale.
What would happen if there really was a lift that took you all the way up to space?
Why waking up with lizard powers would make you useless on earth but a superhero in space!