Hey You What If?

August 2020

Series 1: 15. Everything You Touched Turned to Gold?

4.0 1 x
What if you could turn things to gold? This episode shows that it might not work out that well.

Series 1: 14. You Could Live on the Moon?

4.0 1 x
Some day people will live on the moon – find out just what they are in for.

Series 1: 3. You Could Take a Lift to Space?

4.0 1 x
What would happen if there really was a lift that took you all the way up to space?

Series 1: 13. You Could Shrink Yourself?

3.0 4 x
If you have always wanted to shrink yourself, this is the episode for you!

Series 1: 5. You Could Go on Holiday to Mars?

3.0 1 x
Experience the ultimate in long-distance travel - a holiday on Mars!
May 2020

Series 1: 4. You Could Turn Into a Giant?

3.0 4 x
Find out why turning into a huge giant would be no fairy tale.

Series 1: 2. You Could Dig Through the Earth?

3.0 5 x
The deepest hole humankind ever dug only got one thousandth of the way through the earth. But what would happen if you kept digging?

Series 1: 1. You Fell Into a Black Hole?

3.0 17 x
Experience the most extraordinary ride in the universe – falling into a black hole.

Series 1: 26. You Could Fly Like a Bird?

4.0 5 x
Anyone can fly like a bird – you just have to travel across the solar system to do it!

Series 1: 25. You Could Switch Off the Sun?

3.0 5 x
See what would happen if you really could switch off the sun.
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