Hey You What If?

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 24 - You Took All the Water Out of the Sea?

4.0 1 x
Empty the oceans and you’d see hidden wonders, but you’d also cause the end of the world.

Series 1, Episode 23 - You Could Teleport?

4.5 3 x
Is it really possible to teleport? Spoiler alert: it could end in disaster!

Series 1, Episode 13 - You Could Shrink Yourself?

3.0 17 x
If you have always wanted to shrink yourself, this is the episode for you!

Series 1, Episode 12 - You Can't Wait for Christmas?

4.0 5 x
It really is possible to time travel into the future, and the team show you how!

Series 1: 25. You Could Switch Off the Sun?

3.0 8 x
See what would happen if you really could switch off the sun.

Series 1, Episode 11 - We Could Actually Stop Climate Change?

3.0 10 x
The planet is being destroyed - but this episode demonstrates the things you can do to help save it.

Series 1, Episode 10 - The Earth Was Flat?

3.0 8 x
Find out why a flat earth would feel very unflat indeed!

Series 1: 2. You Could Dig Through the Earth?

3.0 7 x
The deepest hole humankind ever dug only got one thousandth of the way through the earth. But what would happen if you kept digging?

Series 1, Episode 9 - The Moon Was Made of Cheese?

4.0 9 x
Things don’t quite go to plan when the moon turns into cheese.

Series 1, Episode 8 - The Earth Stopped Spinning?

3.0 6 x
Find out why stopping the earth from spinning isn’t such a good idea.