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HMS Brilliant

The crew are close to going home, but not before a change of command in Sardinia and a stop in Gibraltar, where the traditional gruelling race to the top of the Rock takes place.

Series 1
HMS Brilliant is back at sea and caught up in a courtroom drama as weapons engineer Kevin 'Gladys' Gladman is accused of assaulting a superior officer.
The ship drops anchor in Istanbul, and the flight deck is transformed for the officers' cocktail reception. Diplomatic duties completed, all ranks head for an exotic run ashore.
The controversial issue of Wrens at sea is tackled, and both sides hold strong opinions. Some of the women involved feel that they have been victims of bad press.
The crew are given the job of boarding and searching ships off the coast of former Yugoslavia to seek out gunrunners, and Captain Rapp is struck down with an eye infection.
A look at life onboard Royal Navy warship HMS Brilliant as it patrols the dangerous waters off the coast of Bosnia. First broadcast in 1995.