Holby City

June 2019

Series 21: 26. Kiss Kiss

3.0 3 x
Xavier tries to build bridges with Donna, Cameron can’t quite shift his feelings of unease around Evan, and Fletch is anxious about his first official date with Ange.

Series 21: 25. Pigeon

4.0 4 x
Donna tries to shelter Xavier from his mother's erratic behaviour. Sacha makes a romantic gesture but finds something unexpected in Patricia’s cleaning cupboard.

Series 21: 24. Over My Dead Body

4.0 11 x
When Lofty is put in harm’s way, is Isaac’s fate sealed? In the hope of protecting Chloe, Cameron makes a selfless gesture.

Series 21: 23. In the Right Place

3.0 9 x
As Dom and Isaac grow closer, is Dom at risk of falling under his spell? Chloe gets an unpleasant surprise when she returns to work.
May 2019

Series 21: 22. Bloodline

4.0 14 x
Will Lofty and Dom’s marriage survive under the pressure of Isaac’s presence at Holby, and is Sacha’s relationship with Patricia over before it’s even begun?

Series 21: 21. Unredeemed

3.0 10 x
Dominic faces his difficult past when he goes head to head with his abusive ex, Isaac, while Ange and Carole band together to try to help him.

Series 21: 20. The Wrong Horse

4.0 12 x
Struggling with the news that Dominic is her half-brother, Chloe is forced to operate with him. Lofty returns to Holby with a secret.

Series 21: 19. Ex Marks the Spot

4.0 6 x
Ange plans to tell Chloe her biggest secret, and Ric’s granddaughter arrives at Holby, forcing Ric to deal with her pregnancy head on.
April 2019

Series 21: 18. Vinegar and Honey

4.0 9 x
Kian’s big personality begin to grate on Jac. Ange opens up to Dom, revealing a big secret about Chloe. When Sue makes a big mistake, Donna tries to limit the damage.

Series 21: 17. Pleased to Meet You

3.0 8 x
Jac’s top-dog status is challenged when a talented new surgeon causes a stir. Donna is flattered to be offered a new career opportunity.
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