Holby City

June 2020

Series 22: Episode 19

4.0 13 x
Cameron is gutted when his performance review doesn’t go to plan, while Nicky’s attempts to find a life-saving treatment for Brenda put her at odds with Jac.

Series 22: Episode 18

4.0 8 x
Fletch and his daughter Evie reveal life-changing secrets they have both been keeping, and what will Max do when dangerous truths are exposed on the biggest day of her career?

Series 22: Episode 17

3.0 11 x
As things with Jac heat up, a patient causes painful memories to resurface for Kian. Fletch puts his foot in it when he receives an unwanted gift.

Series 22: Episode 16

3.0 7 x
Essie puts on a brave face, but the effects of chemo start to take a toll. Guy has a lot to prove as he faces a challenging case on his first day on AAU.

Series 22: Episode 15

4.0 8 x
Essie’s friends try to keep things normal as she continues her chemotherapy. Jac and Kian’s relationship takes an unexpected turn, and can Guy keep his relationship under wraps?
April 2020

Series 22: Episode 14

4.0 10 x
As his disciplinary hearing begins, Xav is determined to prove that Cameron killed Evan. Essie faces the fight of her life as she undergoes her first round of chemotherapy.

Series 22: Episode 13

3.0 15 x
Max struggles to come to terms with an explosive revelation. Jac and Kian bond over pizza and wine, and Dom tries to reason with a distraught Essie.
March 2020

Series 22: Episode 12

4.0 15 x
Max is nervous at the thought of seeing her daughter again after years of estrangement. Sacha encourages Essie to bury the hatchet with Dom.

Series 22: Episode 11

3.0 11 x
With Xavier hot on his trail, how far will Cameron go to keep Evan dead and buried? Roger Ffolkes forces Ben to own his secrets.

Series 22: Episode 10

3.0 8 x
Xavier unearths a shocking secret, and Fletch struggles to handle the nursing shortage. Reeling from recent revelations, Sacha, Essie, Dom and Ben perform life-saving surgery on a vulnerable child.
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