Holby City

August 2019

Series 21: 34. Where Does It Hurt?

3.0 3 x
A distressed stranger turns up looking for Raf di Lucca. Will her secret change Essie’s life forever?

Series 21: 33. Work-Life Balance

3.0 6 x
Is Chloe brave enough to tell Evan she wants a divorce? And faced with choosing between work and his personal life, will Hanssen learn from past mistakes?

Series 21: 32. When Worlds Collide

3.0 6 x
When Jac is forced to make a career changing decision will life on Darwin ever be the same? And as Serena’s tough facade slowly unravels, is grief catching up with her?
July 2019

Series 21: 31. Things My Mother Told Me

3.0 4 x
As the Holby team give a warm send off to a much beloved colleague, a surprising revelation sends Cameron into a spin.

Series 21: 30. Don't Leave Me

4.0 8 x
On the anniversary of a personal tragedy, Kian decides he must save a life today. Hanssen worries that with his family history he shouldn’t look after Oskar.

Series 21: 29. Honeymoon

4.0 11 x
As her loved ones continue to worry about her, Chloe learns more about Evan. Cameron wants to get out from under Bernie's shadow, but he receives some devastating news.

Series 21: 28. Reckless

4.0 6 x
When a patient attacks Evan, Chloe is forced to make a huge decision. Serena and Fleur Fanshawe are thrown together to help a patient.

Series 21: 27. Flying Solo

3.0 5 x
Cameron tries to prove himself to Kian, but they clash over Kian's teaching methods. Xavier gets relationship advice from the most unlikely source.
June 2019

Series 21: 26. Kiss Kiss

3.0 11 x
Xavier tries to build bridges with Donna, Cameron can’t quite shift his feelings of unease around Evan, and Fletch is anxious about his first official date with Ange.

Series 21: 25. Pigeon

4.0 10 x
Donna tries to shelter Xavier from his mother's erratic behaviour. Sacha makes a romantic gesture but finds something unexpected in Patricia’s cleaning cupboard.
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