Hollyoaks Later

October 2013

Series 5 Episode 5

3.0 154 x
Tony takes part in the most dangerous game of his life with 'The White Man' and has to choose between life and death. Esther and…

Series 5 Episode 4

3.0 78 x
Tony collapses when Harry is kidnapped and held hostage, so Finn and Dom face up to 'The White Man'.

Series 5 Episode 3

3.0 123 x
Tony has to face his fears when casino owner 'The White Man' threatens his family and friends. Things don't go according to plan…

Series 5 Episode 2

3.0 104 x
Tony, Finn and Dom hit Spain and Morocco in pursuit of Tony's rebellious son Harry and take part in a poker game with high stakes.

Series 5 Episode 1

4.0 169 x
In the first episode of the new series of Later, cancer-stricken Tony reunites with his brother Dom and old mate Finn on trip to…
September 2012

Fri 21 Sep 2012

3.0 253 x
Brendan finally finds Cheryl, the situation is manipulated to get Mitzeee alone with Riley, and Bart gets himself into hot water.

Thu 20 Sep 2012

3.0 133 x
Brendan is unusually calm about the latest turn of events, Mitzeee and Lauren arrive at the army barracks, and in Amsterdam Neil…

Wed 19 Sep 2012

3.0 71 x
Joel is completely freaked out and unable to cope with recent events, Jono, Bart and Lola spend the day together in Amsterdam…

Tue 18 Sep 2012

3.0 124 x
Brendan searches for Mick, Mitzeee toys with a desperate solution to her dilemma, and in Amsterdam Neil has a bizarre encounter.

Mon 17 Sep 2012

3.0 211 x
A dramatic week begins with Brendan witnessing an assault, Mitzeee on the run, important news arriving for Cheryl, and Jono, Bart…
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