Hope Street

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Hope Street
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Series 3, Episode 4

Shay survives a near miss with a maverick motorcyclist, which leads the police officers into an investigation involving a bag of cannabis, a champion boxer and the Northern Lights.

Series 3

Series 3, Episode 3

8 x
Nicole’s not pleased when Clint’s dodgy brother Sly arrives in Port Devine, determined to get their country and western band back together. Marlene makes a life-changing decision.

Series 3, Episode 2

12 x
With the pub a smoking ruin, Clint suspects that the fire-starter is someone close to home. Meanwhile things between Callum and new detective Jo get hot and heavy.

Series 3, Episode 1

11 x
Police Inspector Finn’s world is blown apart when he finds out that Concepta has a secret.
Series 2

Series 2, Episode 10

11 x
Detective Constable Al Quinn is in trouble. Callum has told Finn that Al is a corrupt cop. Al manages to convince Finn that Callum is mistaken, but things go from bad to worse.

Series 2, Episode 9

19 x
Finn is away receiving treatment for PTSD, so Concepta takes his place on a fishing trip with Shay and Barry. Their cruise goes horribly wrong when the boat’s engine explodes.

Series 2, Episode 8

8 x
Still reeling from the state she found her dad in the previous night, Niamh suggests he might be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder following his car crash.

Series 2, Episode 7

6 x
Marlene is faced with a problem when some prize-winning racing pigeons are stolen – she’s allergic to birds. As a result, Al and Callum investigate the theft.

Series 2, Episode 6

31 x
Sparks fly when Marlene meets an outspoken farmer who hates the police. Meanwhile, a stressed-out Finn is pushed to breaking point.

Series 2, Episode 5

18 x
As the police officers fight to secure a grieving daughter’s birthright, Al does something truly terrible to save his daughter’s skin.

Series 2, Episode 4

4 x
When a car is pulled from Port Devine Harbour, the whole town searches for a missing mother. Meanwhile, Al kisses someone he shouldn’t.

Series 2, Episode 3

16 x
When an ATM machine is stolen, new detective Al crosses a line to save someone he loves. Meanwhile, Finn struggles to cope – and has a difficult conversation with Siobhan.

Series 2, Episode 2

13 x
As Finn investigates a shooting, he struggles to keep his temper. Marlene goes the extra mile for her best friend Nicole, alienating stepdad Barry in the process.

Series 2, Episode 1

7 x
As acting inspector Marlene sabotages an undercover investigation, Nicole finds an unexpected answer to her fertility problems.
Series 1

Series 1, Episode 10

177 x
Callum discovers that his girlfriend has been telling him a pack of lies. Meanwhile, Finn faces the most difficult decision of his life.

Series 1, Episode 9

29 x
A tragic farming accident reveals all sorts of secrets, while Leila is stunned when she finds out the truth about her love rival Siobhan.

Series 1, Episode 8

27 x
When Finn’s daughter Niamh goes missing, he turns to Leila to get him through the worst day of his life.

Series 1, Episode 7

34 x
When his wife’s former lover is arrested for assault, Finn can’t hide his jealous feelings – which makes Leila wonder if she’s made a terrible mistake.

Series 1, Episode 6

39 x
An arson investigation uncovers a much more insidious crime. Meanwhile Finn and Leila’s secret romance is tested when Siobhan forms an unlikely alliance with arch-enemy Concepta.

Series 1, Episode 5

41 x
When Clint jeopardises his wedding, secret lovers Finn and Leila sort out the mess. But their romantic plans are scuppered by the reappearance of a face from the past.