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Hope Street

Marlene is appalled that Nicole isn’t planning to tell Callum she’s pregnant. Finn refuses to compromise himself as a police officer – with catastrophic consequences.

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Series 3
As Finn considers a life-changing decision, Nicole tells Clint that she’s pregnant. The only problem is she’s not sure who the father is.
When a taxi is burnt out, Finn worries that organised crime is coming to town in the shape of ex-con Aidan Hunter. The truth about Aidan is far more shocking.
When Ryan discovers what has really been going on in his brother's seemingly happy marriage, he’s forced to make a momentous decision about his own relationship with Niamh.
When Louise’s son turns up with a gun, Jo sees an opportunity to prove that Louise is a criminal. Meanwhile, Finn’s birth mother Assumpta makes some very bad first impressions.
Marlene spends her wedding day investigating car thefts; has this bride-to-be got cold feet? Clint’s world falls apart and Finn gets the shock of his life.
Finn finds out the real reason Jo came to Port Devine – and he’s far from happy about it. Nicole tries to live with her all-consuming guilt.
As Callum and Jo investigate whether a stag do prank has gone tragically wrong, Jo faces a heartbreaking decision. Clint storms out, driving Nicole into the arms of another.
When a dementia patient goes missing, the officers find themselves uncovering a tale of shipmates and stolen treasure. Callum discovers the real reason Jo came to Port Devine.
Concepta is back in town, determined to ignore the fact that she’s not Finn’s birth mother – and carry on like nothing has changed. Will Finn be able to live with that?
When a house is burgled during the owner’s funeral, the police soon identify a suspect. Their identity rocks Port Devine to its foundations.
Shay survives a near miss with a maverick motorcyclist, which leads the police officers into an investigation involving a bag of cannabis, a champion boxer and the Northern Lights.
Nicole’s not pleased when Clint’s dodgy brother Sly arrives in Port Devine, determined to get their country and western band back together. Marlene makes a life-changing decision.
With the pub a smoking ruin, Clint suspects that the fire-starter is someone close to home. Meanwhile things between Callum and new detective Jo get hot and heavy.
Police Inspector Finn’s world is blown apart when he finds out that Concepta has a secret.