How To With John Wilson

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How To With John Wilson

After having a delivery stolen, John Wilson investigates how to keep his packages secure.

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Series 3
After realising too much of his life is spent inside, John Wilson tries out birding, which opens a world of possibility... and dubious claims.
John Wilson’s discovery of the deeply embedded rituals and bonding in sport leads to a greater appreciation of the game.
John Wilson starts working out and tracks the pros and cons of big.
After having his ears properly cleaned, John Wilson wonders if better hearing is what he actually wants.
As the availability of public bathrooms dwindles in NYC, John Wilson tries to find clever ways to relieve himself.
Series 2
Though John Wilson is determined to be guided by fate, his attempt at spontaneity doesn’t go as planned.
After years of rooting his life in non-fiction, John Wilson drifts from the world of rational thought in hopes of finally remembering his dreams.
Seeking a solution to the universal conundrum of battery disposal, John Wilson ponders the value of things people hold onto and what they throw away.
John Wilson reflects on the competitive and complex process of parking in New York City, where the possibilities opened by having a car come with a catch.
Series 1
John attempts to make sense of the intricacies and fairness practices behind the complex art of splitting the check.
While trying to live peacefully with his furniture-destroying cat, John Wilson explores the challenges of keeping an object in pristine condition.
John Wilson taps into his 'memory palace' for an unforgettable exploration into our ability or inability to remember things.
John offers a unique history of New York's hideous yet sprawling network of overhead 'protection', otherwise known as scaffolding.
John Wilson reflects on the delicate balancing act of making and safely redirecting casual conversation, highlighting the rewards and risks of small talk.