Hushabye Lullabye

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Hushabye Lullabye

Dillie Dally follows the night-time stars to discover the planets. The Bedtime Sheep dance on their twinkly tiptoes, and Dillie Dally dances on a star as the moon glides dozily off to sleep.

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Series 1
Dillie Dally meets new friends - the Bedtime Sheep, Flutterbye Butterfly and the multicoloured Chumbles.
The Chumbles bumble along, making dreamy patterns and shapes for Dillie Dally to explore.
Dillie Dally and his friends bob up and down across the waves in paper boats.
Dillie Dally goes puddle splashing as the clouds burst with raindrops! Umbrellas are whirling and twirling, and Flutterbye Butterfly flutters by as a rainbow grows in the sky.
Series 2
The Cloud Whale is showing Dillie Dally wonderful cloud shapes - can you spot the lullaby surprise?
Blast off with Dillie Dally in the Hushabye Rocket as he zooms his way up into the stars beyond the planets.
The Hushabye Moon is shining across the Planet Dream landscape as Dillie Dally discovers all of his friends snuggled up just in time for sleep.
Dillie Dally loves Little Bear. Soft and cuddly, and super snuggly, Little Bear always makes Dillie Dally feel better.
Series 1
Dillie Dally plays in the soft winter snow. The Bedtime Sheep, the Chumbles and Flutterbye Butterfly help build a friendly snow alien as twinkly snowflakes fall around them.
Series 2
Dillie Dally and Tick Tock Clock journey through Planet Dream as the Hushabye friends cuddle up and cuddle in for bedtime. Time is ticking,bedtime’s near!
Dillie Dally discovers a beautiful songbird in the pink blossom tree and together they play their tune under the blossoms and the Hushabye moon.
The cheeky Chumbles are bursting with colour, showering the clouds with purple, green, pink, orange, yellow, red and blue.
Series 1
Dillie Dally and his friends play in the summer sunshine, taking care of the Snuggle-Up flowers and showering their petals.
Dillie Dally follows Flutterbye Butterfly as she begins a journey to the Snuggle-up Flowers.
It’s wash day for Dillie Dally! The Bath-time Ducks enjoy a swim in a bubbly bath and play hide and seek amongst the bubbles. Pop Pop! Pop! Can Dillie Dally find them?
Series 2
It's a bubbly swim day on Planet Dream with Mama Duck and the baby Bath Time Ducks.
Hip hip hooray it's Dillie Dally's birthday! All of the Hushabye friends gather to celebrate, and together they create a very special gift.
It’s nearly time to sleep as Dillie Dally snuggles up in bed to count the Bedtime Sheep. How many can you count?
Dillie Dally plays on the hills of Planet Dream and looks for the bouncing Hushabye Bunnies. Can you see them? How high can they jump?