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Mickey plans to steal a valuable diamond that forms part of the Crown Jewels - but for once, the police appear to be a step ahead of the team.

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Series 2
Max Beesley guest stars as Stacie's estranged husband, a poker player who walked out on her five years ago. When he reappears, the gang decides to exact revenge.
The con-artists plan to rip off an auction house, but rethink the scheme when a corrupt detective declares she wants a cut of the profits.
Danny takes on a protege in spite of the group's reluctance - however, he soon finds that the new arrival is not so principled in restricting his trickery to the rich and corrupt.
The gang plots against a celebrity chef, with Danny trying to pass himself off as the restaurateur's kidnapped son - but his skills in the kitchen may not be up to the task.
The team visits a veteran grifter who's behind bars after trying to swindle a crooked property developer and Danny is left determined to succeed where the elder trickster failed.
Series 1
The team hatches an ambitious scheme that has not been attempted in 100 years to con a businessman with 500,000 pounds to burn and a love of horse racing.
Ash's ex-wife needs urgent medical treatment, so the gang set out to swindle a rich businesswoman to raise the money.
Mickey is forced to help a bitter enemy, former copper Victor Maher, catch a bank robber - but the team ropes the thief in and turns the tables on Maher.
The team sets its sights on duping a sharp-tongued art collector into buying what purports to be a painting that could redefine the boundaries of neoplasticism.
The gang targets a casino owner who had Albert beaten up for cheating at poker, but finding a way into his inner circle proves tricky - until they discover he is a film buff.
Mickey and the team mark a greedy businessman keen on making money in shares, but their plans go awry when they are targeted by the police.