I, Claudius


12. Old King Log

3.0 42 x
Almost at the end of his family history, Claudius' thoughts turn to the future of Rome.(R)

11. A God in Colchester

3.0 71 x
Convinced of Messalina's devotion, Claudius is totally unaware that she is deceiving him.(R)

10. Fool's Luck

3.0 9 x
To his astonishment, Claudius has been proclaimed emperor by the Praetorian Guard.(R)

9. Hail Who?

3.0 19 x
Claudius has high hopes of a return to a Republic when Caligula proclaims himself a god.(R)

8. Zeus, By Jove!

3.0 22 x
Antonia and Claudius warn Tiberius of the ambitions of Sejanus and Livilla.(R)
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