I Kissed A Girl

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I Kissed A Girl

The new girls settle into the Masseria and enjoy a cheeky chemistry test. Meanwhile, as a love triangle forms, one girl is torn between her head and her heart.

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Series 1
In a shocking twist, Priya and Naee have a big decision to make, causing upset in the Masseria. But the girls don’t have long to dwell on things, as two new girls join the party!
Three new girls rock the Masseria, new love triangles form, a star sign-themed dinner party brings one couple’s problems to the table, and the girls face their second Kiss-Off.
Eyes start to wander after the first Kiss-Off, and girl code is tested. Dannii swoops in to help, setting the girls their first Chemistry Test before dropping a big surprise...
Meg and Fiorenza deal with their big secret, Naee has multiple love interests, and new girl Eva turns heads. Everyone has a big decision to make at the first Kiss-Off…
Dannii Minogue is back to play Cupid - and this time it’s for girls who like girls. Ten single girls are matched up and meet for the first time with a kiss. Will it end in love?