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An emotive and vivid portrayal of a man and actor who was by turns tremendously talented, tenacious and tormented. Featuring Marlon Brando's own audio tapes and home movie footage.

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Documentary exploring Ingrid Bergman's journey from Swedish schoolgirl to Hollywood icon, using her archives of home movie footage, private diaries and letters.
Crime writer Ian Rankin invites imagine... to follow him as he writes his next novel, and as he ponders what to write about after retiring his most famous creation.
Alan Yentob examines the extraordinary story of one of Britain's most recognisable pop icons, Sir Tom Jones. In a frank and revealing interview, Sir Tom describes his rise to fame.
Documentary celebrating the life and work of activist, poet and writer Maya Angelou, using film captured just before she died in 2014.
Featuring exclusive access to their recent tour and their new album, this documentary reveals the fascinating world of Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe.
Sculptor Richard Serra, a creator of enormous, immediately identifiable steel sculptures that both terrify and mesmerise, discusses his extraordinary life and work.
Episodes 2023
imagine... profiles the UK’s most successful double act of the last 40 years, French & Saunders, exploring a brand of comedy based on satire, silliness and, above all, friendship.
imagine... tells the story of Aviva Studios, Manchester’s colossal new cultural venue, and goes behind the scenes at the world premiere of its opening production, Free Your Mind.
To mark David Bowie's comeback album and a new exhibition, Alan Yentob looks back at his 1975 documentary, Cracked Actor. The film follows Bowie during the 1974 Diamond Dogs tour.