Jailed: Inside Maghaberry Prison

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Jailed: Inside Maghaberry Prison

Stephen Nolan meets a prisoner grappling with his conscience, having killed an intruder in his home. He returns to challenge another inmate about the motives for his crime.

Series 1
For the first time, cameras are allowed in to see Maghaberry’s controversial unit that houses the most violent and vulnerable prisoners. It exposes the daily dangers for staff.
In the most intense encounter of the series so far, Stephen confronts a prisoner who murdered his girlfriend about the crime he now denies.
On a landing in Maghaberry, Stephen is reunited with a prisoner he last saw in a young offenders centre. He meets a murderer who, despite pleading guilty, now says he didn’t do it.
Word that Nolan is in Maghaberry is spreading through the jail. He meets a murderer who reveals how his ordinary life spiralled out of control, leading, he says, to a man’s death.
Stephen talks face to face with a convicted murderer in his cell, sees how jail staff try to turn lives around and is confronted by the sometimes shocking reality of life inside.