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James May

It's back to the future for James May - he asks what happened to the cutting-edge motors our forebears promised, including fanciful steam cars and ludicrous jet turbines.

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Series 2
James May goes off-road to explore how the 4x4 conquered the world - from Mount Fuji to the Mojave Desert, Captain Slow puts our favourite four-wheel drives to the test.
The erstwhile Top Gear host can't get enough of driving... James reveals the cars that turned post-war Germany and Japan into motoring powerhouses at the expense of Britain.
Series 1
Captain Slow finds out how we became a nation of car drivers - here James hears how aspiration drove the development of the Rolls Royce and stages a race-off.
Top Gear's hairiest host explores the weird world of the microcar, revisiting Britain's infamous three-wheeled disasters as well as French deathtraps.
The one-time Top Gear host reveals how the masses were mobilised, hearing how the car industry in Japan and Germany bloomed after WWII.