Jamie Johnson


Into E-Sports

4.0 27 x
The cast of hit CBBC drama Jamie Johnson explore the world of online gaming, meeting some of the world's top virtual football professionals.

Series 5: 13. Back to Reality

4.0 7 x
With the gaming final looming, Jamie faces a huge choice: does he want to be a footballer or a football gamer? And can Dillon reveal his secret to the others?

Series 5: 12. Control Halt and Delete

4.0 7 x
Jamie goes to a football gaming tournament, risking his future with Hawkstone but hoping to unmask his mystery opponent. Meanwhile, can the U13s settle their differences?

Series 5: 11. Results Day

3.0 7 x
Alba heaps pressure on Boggy to get his tactics right for the U13s’ crucial relegation decider. Eric and Freddie’s rivalry reaches fever pitch, egged on by Liam.

Series 5: 10. Equaliser

4.0 7 x
Zoe plans a special all-girls match to show the Hawkstone coach that there are talented female footballers in the area - but can she finally tell Kat the truth?

Series 5: 9. Pixel Player

4.5 5 x
Jamie rises up the rankings as a football gamer and faces off against a mystery opponent. Meanwhile, Freddie’s plans for a fun day out are scuppered when Eric brings along a new friend.

Series 5: 8. Outside the Box

4.0 32 x
Dillon and Elliot meet to discuss what happened after the cup final. Dillon is worried about what will happen if anyone else finds out, especially his dad.

Series 5: 7. Cup Final Shock

3.0 21 x
Can Dillon overcome his demons and lead Phoenix to victory in the cup final? Can Zoe and Kat settle their differences and get scouted? Can Boggy find a way to make it up to Jamie?

Series 5: 6. Why Always Me?

3.0 13 x
New girl Kat joins the Phoenix U16s, but tensions soon mount between her and Zoe, while Liam rejoins the U14s, claiming he has changed - but has he really?

Series 5: 5. Star Player

3.0 6 x
New arrival Elliot makes waves at Phoenix and leaves Alba fuming. Can she control her temper and lead Phoenix to a much-needed win? Elsewhere, Duncan tries to make amends.