Jamie Johnson

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Jamie Johnson

Drama series. Jamie finds it hard to keep a lid on his temper when he misses a surprise visit from his footballing hero, Theo Bains.

Series 2
Drama series. Jamie's on a high - the video of him scoring against Tibbs has gone viral, and he's the hero of the school. But all this attention goes to Jamie's head.
Series 1
Drama series. Eleven-year-old Jamie Johnson is a seriously gifted footballer but after his dad leaves Jamie has to move house and start a new school.
Series 7
It’s the final of the Futrball Cup, the biggest game Phoenix FC have ever played - can Alba, Freddie and the team make history?
Jamie has a chance to get his career back on track, but a family crisis risks ruining everything. Can Liam put Bex’s betrayal behind him to help the U15s reach the cup final?
Mukki faces a choice that could determine his whole future - but will his teammates understand? Jamie realises just how badly he has let both his team and himself down.
Mukki opens up to his teammates, who realise how hard his journey has been. Alba’s itching to tell Liam the truth about Bex, while Jamie is frustrated at being stuck on the sidelines.
Sam doesn’t know what to do as Maddy continues to make her life a misery - will her teammates realise before it’s too late? Meanwhile, Jake has his own problems as he faces a crucial decision.
The U15s struggle to recover from the night before as the Hawkstone match looms. It is also Uzma’s first game as a referee - but can she trust her judgement as the pressure mounts?
The Futrball Cup is her, but with key players out of sorts, the Phoenix U15s and U13s both face daunting opposition in their opening matches - how will they get on?
As the Futrball Cup approaches, an unlikely new star steps out of the shadows at Phoenix FC, while Ian begs Jake to give him a second chance.
It’s finally time for Phoenix to head off to Sweden! Faced with late players, dodgy minibuses and travel chaos, can Jamie keep everything under control and save the day?
Duncan’s decision leads to war between the Phoenix teams. Alba wants to settle things the only way she knows how - on the pitch. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger has Karim worried.
It’s chaos at Goodfield Park as Jake leads a protest in support of a Phoenix teammate. However, is he really helping his friend or is he just trying to settle a score with Jamie?
Jake tries to use his family connection to Jamie to pressure him into letting him play up front for the U13s. The arrival of new players adds to the tensions on and off the pitch.
Phoenix FC is rocked by the revelation that Jamie and Jake are brothers. Can they put their differences aside and accept each other? Or will they end up more divided than ever?
Series 4
Jamie is haunted by Jack’s absence from his life but determined to make the best of Phoenix FC’s new circumstances.
Series 2
Drama series. Kingsmount are through to the cup final at St George's Park, the home of the England national team, and the pressure is immense.
Drama series. Reeling from their semi-final defeat, the team are rallied when it seems Boggy might have unearthed some good news.
Drama series. Jack is desperate to play in midfield, but has to work twice as hard as anyone else to prove her worth to Hansard.