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Jamie Johnson FC

Follow the next generation of footballers at Hawx United. Have they got what it takes?

It’s the last match of the season, and everyone’s future is on the line. Can Hawx United cause an upset against Foxborough? Who will be cut and who will be saved?
As tempers flare after the latest revelation, Coach Byrne puts the whole team into detention. Mason contemplates giving up football altogether.
It’s a race against time for the Hawx United players to expose the traitor in their midst before they play their biggest game of the season.
Coach Byrne’s controversial new tactics throw the team into disarray, rousing Bobby's suspicions. Is he really trying to improve them, or is there something more sinister going on?
When a figure from Alex’s past reappears and threatens to turn his life upside down, Coach Byrne steps in to help. But his actions have unintended consequences.
Erin sticks to her injury rehab, but Alex gets increasingly frustrated at not being allowed to play football. A chance encounter makes him decide to take matters into his own hands.
The whole team are reeling after the injuries to Erin and Alex. Haunted by his horror tackle, Finn struggles to hold it together as the next match looms.
Coach Byrne continues to treat the Jamie Johnson FC players harshly, and Bobby becomes convinced he is biased against them. Can Christina stop him before he does something he will regret?
Episodes 2023
As the players embrace their new positions, Christina helps Andrew train to be a striker. However, an anonymous message leaves her facing an impossible decision.
Andrew feels out of his depth in the unforgiving environment of the academy. Can he rise above Alex’s taunts and find a way to turn his fortunes around?
As Hawx United’s first match approaches, Erin’s place at the academy is on the line. Can she overcome her homesickness and prove herself to her new teammates and Coach Byrne?
Sparks fly as the new players start at the academy. As Christina and Andrew find themselves on different sides for the first time in their lives, will their friendship survive?
Young footballers Christina and Andrew dream of making it into Hawx United Academy. The odds are stacked against them - until Jamie Johnson decides to get involved!
The stars of Jamie Johnson FC and The Football Academy in an epic five-a-side showdown!