Jimmy's Food Factory

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Jimmy's Food Factory

Science series. Jimmy Doherty investigates food producer trickery. He turns pork into square sandwich ham and tries to artificially ripen bananas.

Series 1
Science series. Farmer Jimmy Doherty attempts to make his own fizzy cola and potato snacks and visits the world's biggest ice cream factory.
Entertaining science series. Jimmy Doherty heads to his barn to investigate different methods of food preservation, including freezing, drying, heating and canning.
Science series. Farmer Jimmy Doherty investigates milk production, reduced fat spreads and wrinkly eggs. He also discovers how Red Leicester cheese is made.
Science series with farmer Jimmy Doherty. In this episode he tries to discover what really goes into supermarket sandwiches.
Science series in which farmer Jimmy Doherty asks what goes into supermarket food. In this episode, he makes breakfast from scratch, looking at cornflakes and coffee.