Jojo & Gran Gran

January 2022

Winter: 8. It's Time for a Jumble Sale

3.0 1 x
JoJo and Gran Gran are looking for old things to take to the Jumble Sale.

Winter: 7. It's Time to Look After Monty

4.0 4 x
JoJo and Gran Gran are looking after Monty the dog for the day. JoJo learns that there's much more to looking after a dog than just play!

Winter: 6. It's Time to Spot the Birds

3.0 1 x
JoJo and Gran Gran are drinking hot chocolate in the park cafe when a robin lands on their table. JoJo learns that some birds fly away in the winter – that’s called migration.

Winter: 5. It's Time for Night-time Workers

4.0 2 x
When Neil the postie delivers Gran Gran’s mail early in the morning, JoJo is amazed to discover that some grown-ups go to work when she's asleep.

Winter: 4. It's Time to Make a Rocket

3.0 2 x
When JoJo discovers that astronauts have visited the moon she decides she would like to go there too. With Gran Gran’s help, she builds a homemade rocket.

Winter: 3. It's Time to Build a Snowman

3.0 2 x
It’s a snowy day and JoJo and Gran Gran go to the park to build a snow panda! When JoJo realises it won’t last forever, Gran Gran has a Gran Gran Plan to help them remember their fun day in the snow.
December 2021

Winter: 9. It's Time to Catch the Train

4.0 6 x
JoJo and Gran Gran are at a busy train station when JoJo realises Panda is missing! The pair decide to retrace their steps through the station – where could Panda be?

Autumn: 12. It's Time for Christmas

3.0 17 x
It's Christmas, and Gran Gran needs a new tree. JoJo and Gran Gran visit the Christmas tree farm and search for the perfect one – not too tall and not too short.

Winter: 2. It's Time to Paint

3.0 5 x
JoJo and Gran Gran head to the library in search of the new Captain Chloe book, but the children's section is closed for redecoration.

Winter: 1. It's Time to Ice-Skate

3.0 4 x
JoJo and Gran Gran go ice-skating. While Gran Gran is a little nervous, JoJo is a natural. With Jared’s help Gran Gran soon gets the hang of it!