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After playing with her toy dinosaurs, JoJo decides she would love to see a real one. Gran Gran takes JoJo to the museum to see a fossilised skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex!

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June 2024
JoJo wants to celebrate the St Lucia carnival with Great Gran Gran, but it's too far away to travel to! Instead, JoJo and Gran Gran have their own carnival in the garden!
JoJo searches for a butterfly to complete her nature tick-book. She learns that all butterflies start life as furry little caterpillars.
JoJo and Gran Gran are having a spring clear out, but when Gran Gran wants to clear out her old jumper, JoJo is distraught – she loves that snuggly jumper!
JoJo is determined to slide down the big slide at the park. But even though it’s sunny when they leave the house, a rainy weather forecast threatens her plans...
JoJo and Gran Gran have a relaxing yoga class with Auntie Dee before using their senses to enjoy a day at the park.
JoJo loves Gran Gran’s jewellery, especially the brooch from Great-Gran Gran. She’s also excited to make her own special treasures, just like Captain Chloe.
JoJo and Gran Gran miss their bus home, so the pair settle down to wait for the next one. But getting the bus isn’t quite as simple as JoJo thinks it is...
JoJo has a picture to show Great Gran Gran over a video call, but the internet goes down before she can show it! Gran Gran suggests they post JoJo’s picture to Great Gran Gran in Saint Lucia.
At the wetland centre, JoJo and her friends Alfie, Raya, Jaxon and Isaiah find frog spawn. Gran Gran and Cynthia teach them about the life cycle of frog spawn to tadpole and frog.
It’s a rainy day. JoJo wants to go outside to splash in puddles, while Isaiah wants to be inside with his science books. Gran Gran’s plan has a new word to learn - compromise!
JoJo and Gran Gran spot a bird's nest in Cynthia’s garden, which inspires JoJo to make a nest for Panda. Meanwhile, Daddy helps teach JoJo how to whistle just like a bird.
JoJo and her family are on the beach ready for a game of cricket, but there’s something missing. Luckily, Gran Gran has a plan to make sure they can still enjoy the game together.
JoJo and Gran Gran are at the library for the Super Saleem book launch, while JoJo wonders what makes a superhero and what her superpower may be.
JoJo and Gran Gran have fun finding Gran Gran’s old clothes. When Charlene brings round a sewing machine, it’s time for a Gran Gran plan – they can make JoJo some new clothes too!
JoJo and Gran Gran take a trip to have JoJo’s eyes tested at the opticians. Jaxon and Ezra help explain what it means to be long- and short-sighted.
Gran Gran’s keys get stuck behind the sofa. Inspired by inventors from the past, JoJo and Gran Gran invent a ‘key collector’ to get them back!
After visiting Jared’s shop, JoJo and Gran Gran set up their own shop at home – if you pay with panda pounds, you can buy anything and everything.
JoJo and Gran Gran visit the woods, keeping a record of all they find on a journey stick. Looking around, they find fallen flowers, leaves, seeds and bark to decorate their stick.
JoJo has lots of questions about the bin lorries that keep Gran Gran’s street tidy. And it’s time for JoJo to keep the community garden tidy on a litter pick with the Nature Club.