Jojo & Gran Gran

March 2020

Series 1: 11. It's Time to Dance

4.0 7 x
Gran Gran busts a groove when she teaches JoJo the moves to a traditional Saint Lucian dance. JoJo finds that learning a dance can take time, before realising she can put her own twist on it.

Series 1: 10. It's Time to Look at Old Pictures

3.0 7 x
A photo of Gran Gran and JoJo’s mummy when she was a little girl inspires them to take a walk and compare old photos of their neighbourhood to see how it has changed over time.

Series 1: 9. It's Time to Grow a Flower

4.0 5 x
JoJo tries to grow a daffodil but is disheartened to learn that it will take a long time to bloom. Cynthia and Gran Gran show JoJo how to take care of it and the best way to measure its growth.

Series 1: 8. It's Time to Make Up a Story

4.0 4 x
When JoJo can’t find her favourite Captain Chloe storybook, Gran Gran suggests they make up their own story.

Series 1: 7. It's Time to Visit the Farm

4.0 5 x
JoJo is excited to show Gran Gran around the city farm - it’s been a few months since she was last there, and she can’t wait to see Melanie the chick again. But where could she be?

Series 1: 6. It's Time to Bake

3.0 5 x
Gran Gran and JoJo are excited to bake a batch of Great Gran Gran’s signature Saint Lucian banana bread, but there’s a problem - they don’t know how long to bake it for!

Series 1: 5. It's Time to Find a Butterfly

4.0 6 x
JoJo searches for a butterfly to complete her nature tick-book. She learns that all butterflies start life as furry little caterpillars.

Series 1: 4. It's Time for a Spring Clear Out

4.0 4 x
JoJo and Gran Gran are having a spring clear out, but when Gran Gran wants to clear out her old jumper, JoJo is distraught – she loves that snuggly jumper!

Series 1: 3. It's Time to Check the Weather Forecast

3.0 5 x
JoJo is determined to slide down the big slide at the park. But even though it’s sunny when they leave the house, a rainy weather forecast threatens her plans...

Series 1: 2. It's Time to Catch the Bus

4.0 5 x
JoJo and Gran Gran miss their bus home, so the pair settle down to wait for the next one. But getting the bus isn’t quite as simple as JoJo thinks it is...
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