Jojo & Gran Gran

August 2020

Summer: 1. It's Time for Carnival

4.0 2 x
JoJo wants to celebrate the St Lucia carnival with Great Gran Gran, but it's too far away to travel to! Instead, JoJo and Gran Gran have their own carnival in the garden!

Summer: 11. It's Time to Ride a Bike

4.0 1 x
JoJo wishes Gran Gran could join her on a bike ride in the park, so Gran Gran decides to fix her old bicycle. After a good clean and fix-up, she's ready to ride!

Summer: 3. It's Time to Visit the Library

4.0 2 x
When JoJo runs out of story-books to read, she visits the Library with Gran Gran and gets her own library card! JoJo learns all about the Library and discovers how amazing it is!

Summer: 2. It's Time to Find a Dinosaur

3.0 3 x
After playing with her toy dinosaurs, JoJo decides she would love to see a real one. Gran Gran takes JoJo to the museum to see a fossilised skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex!

Summer: 10. It's Time to Pick Strawberries

3.0 2 x
After going strawberry picking at the strawberry farm, JoJo and Gran Gran have lots of strawberries left over. So they decide to make delicious jam to preserve the berries for longer.

Summer: 9. It's Time to Go on Holiday

4.0 1 x
JoJo and Gran Gran are watering Cynthia's flowers while she's away on holiday. JoJo would like to go on holiday too, so JoJo and Gran Gran have a stay-at-home holiday in the park!

Summer: 8. It's Time for a Sleepover

4.0 3 x
JoJo has a sleepover at Gran Gran's but is confused when bedtime comes while it's still light outside! Gran Gran creates their own starry sky for JoJo.
July 2020

Summer: 7. It's Time to Put on a Show

3.0 6 x
JoJo doesn't know what to do with her odd socks, so Gran Gran suggests they put on a puppet show! The two of them turn the socks into puppets, ready for a show in the garden.

Summer: 6. It's Time to Go to the Hairdresser's

4.0 13 x
JoJo learns how fun the hairdressers can be when she goes with Gran Gran for a trim. After helping the hairdresser, JoJo also gets her own new style ready for Ezra's party!

Summer: 5. It's Time to Build a Sandcastle

4.0 10 x
JoJo & Gran Gran go on a day-trip to the seaside to build a big sandcastle for Panda. But JoJo learns that things need not last forever to be special!
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