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Jamma finally tackles his shaking boxes, while also trying to save the Megacentre and his relationship. Is he a changed man, or will he revert to his child self?

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Series 1
Jamma and Guy do an escape room with Jamma’s work colleagues. Jamma tries to steal the show by guessing all the clues, only to find himself trapped in the past.
Jamma struggles to balance work, family, friends and Guy. He’s bitten off more than he can chew, and he finds himself preoccupied by something lurking beneath the floorboards.
Guy is excited to meet Jamma's parents, but Jamma faces a challenge in getting his mum to agree to the introduction.
Now that Jamma’s in a committed relationship, everyone starts to fancy him. Instead of focusing on his own issues, he ends up playing therapist to his mum and dad.
Jamma's bid to impress his boss backfires. He gets entangled in Mum’s divorce plans, and there’s a surprising confession from Guy.