Julia Bradbury's Irish Journey

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Julia Bradbury's Irish Journey

Julia returns to her native land as she travels through Ireland's landscape, culture and history - starting with the green fields of Tipperary and the dramatic coastline of West Cork. (Ep1)

October 2023
...Journey: Julia travels through Northern Ireland and the north-west corner of the Republic to walk in the footsteps of Yeats, go sailing and surfing, and plunge into a seaweed bath. (Ep4)
...Journey: Julia explores Dublin and its nearby countryside, encountering Irish music, Gaelic sports, fashion and great food, as well as literary Dublin and a very special forest. (Ep3/4)
...Journey: Julia visits Ireland's 'wild' west and the coastal Wild Atlantic Way. From rocky Burren she heads to Galway and the hills of Connemara, sifting for mussels in a fjord. (Ep2/4)