Justin's House

Series 5

Series 5, Episode 11 - Gopher It!

4.0 0 x
Robert manages to disturb a gopher who has been living in the attic. Loose in the house, the gopher nibbles through everything and makes a terrible mess!

Series 5, Episode 10 - Justin's Bed and Lunch

4.0 0 x
Justin’s House is opened as a small hotel, and one of the guests is a reporter with a reputation for giving terrible reviews!

Series 5, Episode 18 - Robert's Home Movies

3.0 4 x
Only in Justin Town could it be sunny, snowy and rain slime all in one day, so Justin, Robert and Little Monster stay in and enjoy Robert’s new setting, ‘home movie mode’!

Series 5, Episode 17 - Night-time Noises

4.5 6 x
A mysterious sound in the middle of the night is keeping everyone awake, but no-one can work out where it’s coming from.

Series 5, Episode 16 - Stay Inn

4.0 4 x
Justin, Robert and Little Monster are having a stay at home holiday at the ‘Justin’s House Holiday Park’.

Series 5, Episode 15 - The Jam Session

4.0 5 x
Robert, Little Monster, Cat and Cherry get a chance to audition to join YolanDa and her house band, but when YolanDa arrives, they all get too nervous to play!

Series 5, Episode 14 - Justi Moment

4.0 3 x
Robert worries he’s going to be replaced by Justi. She can tidy, dust and deliver cakes – all the things that Robert does but better!

Series 5, Episode 13 - Monster Camp

4.0 3 x
Little Monster is going on her first Monster Camp, but she’s feeling nervous about going away, so Monster Camp comes to Justin’s House instead!

Series 5, Episode 12 - Justin's Brilliant Idea

3.0 6 x
It’s the day of the science fair, and Justin has had a brilliant idea for an invention! The problem is, he can’t remember what the idea was.

Series 5, Episode 9 - Cat's New Job

3.0 4 x
Justin, Robert and Little Monster are excited to sit down in front of the TV because their neighbour Cat has a new job as the Justin Town newsreader!