Kangaroo Beach

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Kangaroo Beach
6 x

Series 2, Episode 10 - The Fun Float

Neville's plan for a peaceful day of floating on the river turns into a wild race.

Series 2

Series 2, Episode 6 - Junior Junior Cadets

18 x
The cadets attempt to train four young kids, but their first lesson is a disaster!

Series 2, Episode 5 - Captain Frizzy

19 x
Frizzy sets sail around Boomerang Island to break Big Trev's record.

Series 2, Episode 4 - Splashdance

3 x
Gemma is inspired by Wanda and Big Trev's synchronised swimming routines.

Series 2, Episode 2 - Wallaby Waters

3 x
A celebrity quokka visits Kangaroo Beach to film an episode of a smash hit TV series.

Series 2, Episode 1 - Shipwrecked

4 x
Frizzy and Gemma investigate the disappearance of several boats in 'Barramundi Triangle'.
Series 1

Series 1, Episode 21 - Wild Waterslide

7 x
A waterslide is put in the lagoon, but the cadets must teach the younger kids to float.

Series 1, Episode 14 - Ready Cadet Go!

10 x
The cadets get a chance to win medals. Frizzy is distracted by the allure of shiny things.

Series 1, Episode 13 - Island Rescue

2 x
The cadets explore Boomerang Island - but suddenly find they're castaways!

Series 1, Episode 12 - Island Campout

2 x
Camping on Boomerang Island, Frizzy goes on a late night hunt for an alien koala.

Series 1, Episode 11 - Rescue Roo

5 x
Pounce sprains his thumper on the way to training for Rescue Day.

Series 1, Episode 10 - Brave In The Waves

10 x
Pounce finds himself in trouble when he pretends to be an expert at diving under waves.

Series 1, Episode 22 - Cadets vs Champs

1 x
It's Carnival Day at Kangaroo Beach with two teams competing in lifeguard games.

Series 1, Episode 20 - The Shark Prank

5 x
When Reef and Roadie are rejected from the cadets' safety film, they cause disruptions.

Series 1, Episode 19 - Coach Koala

9 x
Big Trev is worried about passing his annual lifeguard fitness test.

Series 1, Episode 18 - The Dream Team

8 x
Pounce, Frizzy and Gemma discover that it's not about the individual, but the team.

Series 1, Episode 15 - The Big Swim

7 x
The cadets compete in the much-awaited Battle of the Boards and must work together to win.

Series 1, Episode 5 - Neville's Shark Drone

18 x
When Charlene swims too close to Kangaroo Beach, Neville builds a shark-spotting drone.

Series 1, Episode 4 - Frizzy's Big Show!

14 x
When a TV crew shows up to film rescues, Frizzy performs a rip-roaring opera at sea.

Series 1, Episode 24 - The Lagoon Monster

6 x
When Pounce gets covered in seaweed, the other cadets mistake him for a swamp monster,