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As the Kinsellas' family conflict goes into overdrive, Michael and Jimmy find new common ground. Amanda proposes an unexpected partnership for mutual survival.

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Series 2
Bren’s chaos reaches a crescendo, and the family is driven to mayhem. Michael and Viking both suffer heartbreak, while Frank seeks a change.
Bren openly seeks out Anna, against Michael’s wishes. Viking’s allegiances are tested when the police interrogate Nikita.
Viking is put in an impossible position, and Amanda loses trust in part of the family. As the consequences begin to boil over, the Gardai move ever closer to the Kinsellas.
With Bren continuing to undermine her power and the Gardai focusing their attention on her operations, Amanda is really feeling the pressure.
Family loyalties are tested as Bren’s influence seeps into each member of the Kinsella clan. Jimmy begins to take a side as Michael’s patience reaches boiling point.
All hell breaks loose as Bren Kinsella returns home from prison. While Viking welcomes him with open arms, the rest of the family is not so pleased.
The Kinsella family has been thriving since Michael dealt with the Cunningham gang, but a new threat rears its head when a Turkish cartel informs the Kinsellas that Cunningham's debt is now theirs.
Series 1
While Eric finally comes to terms with what he’s done, Amanda has a plan for getting Eamon off the family’s back - but she has to work around Frank to do it.
Frank and Jimmy go to meet Bren to ask if he will look after Eric inside. Cunningham’s men are on the trail of anyone who has anything to do with the Kinsellas.
Michael realises he is endangering Anna just by being around her. Frank learns he should have listened to Amanda when he had the chance. Cunningham has a disturbing vision.
The robbery goes ahead. Amanda tries to give Frank advice about Viking, but he is not listening.
With Gardai stationed outside the Kinsellas' home for protection, Amanda and Frank somehow need to find a new supplier now Cunningham’s put the squeeze on them. Their solution is bold and risky.
After the funeral, Michael and Jimmy take decisive action. The war will escalate, but did they have a choice? Cunningham begins exacting his brutal revenge.
In the grim aftermath of the shooting, Viking is not happy with how Frank is handling Cunningham. Michael wants to go through the courts to get access to his daughter.
The Kinsella family’s brother Michael is home from prison after years inside, to a mixed welcome. Frank is put under pressure by Cunningham, who is now favouring rival dealer Moore.