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Kiri and Lou try out being trees, which is mostly about keeping still, and make a very large new friend named Moa.

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Series 1
Kiri, Lou and Sorry are playing tickle monster. They are very surprised when the grumpy Ichtheo wants to join in, but he turns out to be the best monster of all.
Kiri and Lou decide to take Pania a giant fruit as a present. But as they bring it to her, they can’t resist having a taste of it - and another, and another...
Kiri is having an ordinary kind of day and doesn’t feel like doing much. But Pania’s extraordinary passing of wind makes the day amazing!
Lou has a special drumming tree, but when he finds Dalvanius playing it, he gets upset. Lou realises he’s not such a good sharer.
Kiri, Lou and Sorry have a running race, and Kiri is shocked to discover that their new friend is way faster than she is.
Lou’s drumming makes Kiri feel funny and wobbly all over. Pania explains that there’s nothing wrong - it’s called dancing.
Kiri and Lou are invited to lunch with two very slow snails, Hemi and Lemi.
Kiri and Lou want to meet Dalvanius, who is very good at camouflage. He says he’ll only reveal himself if they promise not to laugh at his ears.
Lou wakes up to find himself on a lily pad in the middle of the lake. He freaks out at first, but his Calm Inner Voice comes to the rescue.
Kiri feels left out when Lou plays with their new friend Sorry. But then she discovers how fun it can be to have an imaginary friend.
Kiri and Lou are going to have a feast of their favourite fruit: yum yum baronies. But Lou loses control and eats them all before Kiri can have any!
Lou sings a song about a flower, but Kiri’s big pet rock Rockaroonie is rolling down the hill towards him! Can Kiri stop the rock in time?
Series 2
Kiri, Lou and their friends encounter extreme flatulence.
Kiri meets a little dinosaur who has lost her way.
Lou has a dream in which he realises he can be happy even in the strangest of circumstances.
Kiri decides to make Lou miss her, but it doesn’t go well.
Series 2, Episode 4 - The Hoobi Hoobi Hoobi of Kiri And Lou was added on Wednesday 26 June 2024. Kiri And Lou is a program for kids on CBeeBies. Two little prehistoric creatures Kiri and Lou live in a beautiful forest, playing, making new friends and singing songs.
Kiri learns an incredible secret about her beloved rock.
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Series 1, Episode 14 - Flowery Island

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While Kiri is playing with Rockaroonie, Lou sees an island in the middle of the lake that’s completely covered in flowers. How can he get there?