Kirstie and Phil's Love It or List It

Series 4

Series 4, Episode 9 - Series 4 Episode 9: Huddersfield Revisit

4.5 18 x
...List It: Kirstie and Phil revisit Dawn and Paul who, back in 2015, were torn between renovating their Huddersfield home or relocating. Since then, there have been big changes...
Series 5

Series 5 Episode 4: Rushden

3.0 14 x
...or List It: In Rushden, Susan and John are torn over their unique character home. Kirstie has two renovation plans up her sleeve, but can Phil persuade them to list it? (S5 Ep4)
Series 4

Series 5 Episode 7: Gosforth, Newcastle Revisit

4.0 1 x
...List It: Kirstie and Phil catch up with Kathleen and Tom, who chose to love their three-bed Victorian terrace in Newcastle back in 2016. Their lives are now radically different. (S5 Ep7)

April 20, 2021

3.0 3 x
...List It: Keeley and Terence's family of five are bursting out of their three-bed, one-bath house in Woodford in London. Can Phil trump Kirstie's layout master plan? (S5 Ep6)
Series 7

Series 7, Episode 7 - Brilliant Builds: Flipping Existing Space

4.0 2 x
...List It: Brilliant Builds - Kirstie and Phil look back on their best small-space transformations, from knocking down walls in Windsor to a ground-floor revamp in Northamptonshire.

Series 7, Episode 6 - Brilliant Builds: Into the Garden

3.5 1 x
...List It: Brilliant Builds: Kirstie and Phil look back on their best land-grabbing renovations to balance home and garden, from a detached in Bury St Edmunds to a three-bed in Harrogate.

Series 7, Episode 5 - Brilliant Builds: Working from Home

4.0 11 x
...List It: Brilliant Builds - Kirstie and Phil look back on their favourite working from home transformations, from a cluttered terrace in Northampton to a three-bed semi in Waterbeach.

Series 7, Episode 4 - Brilliant Builds: Bungalows

3.0 9 x
...List It: Brilliant Builds - Kirstie and Phil look back on their best transformations of single-storey living, from an unusual bungalow in Croydon to a dated, 70s-style bungalow in Larne.
Series 6

Series 6, Episode 1 - Series 6 Episode 1: East Grinstead

3.0 7 x
...List It: Kirstie and Phil help more owners decide whether to love their home or sell it. In East Grinstead, Lucy and Lynton are at loggerheads over their three-bed semi. (S6 Ep1)
Series 7

Series 7, Episode 3 - Brilliant Builds: Extending Your Home

4.0 8 x
...List It: Brilliant Builds - Kirstie and Phil look back on their best layout transformations and extensions, from a boxy rural cottage near Leeds to a 1930s semi in Birmingham.