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Animated series. The barrier to the Waking World has been torn apart...

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Series 1
Animated series. A night terror and the Night Hunter go hunting at an autumn festival.
Animated series. The Nightmare King begins to open a rift to the Waking World.
Animated series. The Dream Chasers rush to crack the code to reveal Lunia's secrets.
Animated series. The Dream Chasers hope to find the key to defeating the Nightmare King.
Animated series. Izzie and her friends bring the Insomniacs to the Candy Realm for a rest.
Animated series. The hunt for the Sandman brings the kids to the dangerous Murky Realm!
Animated series. Detective Izzie takes the case when Mateo mislays a comic book.
Animated series. It's time for a dual rescue in the Waking World and the Dream World!
Animated series. A strange dome blocks Mateo and the others from leaving a dream landing.
Animated series. Mateo and his friends must defeat the Dream Forge guardian to craft their own hourglasses and become official Dream Chasers for the Night Bureau.
Animated series. After a daring mission to save their friend in the Dream World, Mateo and Izzie find that the nightmare has followed them back to the Waking World.
Animated series. When Mateo's comic creation Z-Blob follows him from a dream back to Brooklyn, Mateo and his sister realise that the Dream World is real and in danger!
Animated series. The Dream Chasers rush to save Logan from the Shadowkeep's dungeon, but the liberators soon become the prisoners in a nightmarish twist of fate.
Animated series. Logan's desperation to prove himself leads to his capture by the Nightmare King, which leaves his friends to face the Sheep Week finals alone.
Animated series. When the kids meddle in their teacher’s dream to find test answers, they realise that in dreams, sweet little Ms Putnam isn’t so sweet... or little!
Animated series. Competing over who can ask Zoey to join their Sheep Week team, Logan cheats and unwittingly endangers the video game-based Cyber Realm.
Animated series. A surprise visit from the Chief Inspector of the Night Bureau forces Mateo to hide Z-Blob, who goes on an adventure in the heart of Brooklyn.
Animated series. The search for the Sandman leads Mateo and the gang to the tallest mountain in the Dream World, but Lunia's hourglass puts a target on their backs.
Animated series. As time runs out to face the Dream Forge and become official Dream Chasers, Mateo and his friends enlist the help of the mysterious Dream Bandit.