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Hoping to Lingo all the way are mother and son Diane and Sam from Peterborough, sisters Selim and Sefiat from London and singers Karen and Sarah, a couple from Elland in West Yorkshire. Hosted by Adil Ray.

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Series 2
Looking to reign supreme are Cathy and Dermot, a married couple of 46 years from Bollington, Sasha and Jono, a couple from Nottingham, and engaged couple Ben and Yaz from Reading. Hosted by Adil Ray.
Hoping to win big money are Trevor and Steph, Lloyd and Lionel, and Sophie and Joe.
Fighting it out are Rebecca and Rhys, John and Becca, and Inam and Sanaullah.
Competing for the cash are Ashleigh and Ruth, Graeme and Gail, and Dionne and Marcus.
Working out words are Mustafa and Mehreen, Heidi and Tony, and Harlem and Marlene.
Battling it out are Beauty and Rich, Camille and Anthony, and Rachel and Megan.
Hoping to win the jackpot are Stuart and Katie, Tracey and Hayley, and Andreas and Maria.
Working out words are Deb and Phil, Shosh and Dave, and Suzannah and Simone.
Looking for lingos are Dave and Kimberley, Adeleen and Joshua, and Chinelo and Chioma.
Facing off are Stephanie and Cheyenne, Dean and Lee, and Ste and Terri.
Fighting it out are Martin and Jono, Antonia and Costanzo, and Sharon and Mike.
Battling it out are Dan and Jenna, Marco and Stephen, and Karen and Ritchie.
Chasing the Lingo jackpot are Louis and Connor, Julie and Joe, and Suzy and Dave.
Showing off their way with words are Lee and Kristie, Josh and Carter, and Derek and Rose.
Crossing words are Nenna and Bavita, Milly and Barry, and Mike and Vicky.
Battling it out are Charlie and Gina, Trevor and Isabel, and Jim and Anne.
Battling it out are Becka and Connor, Sylvia and Ishmail, and Tinashe and Princess.
Battling it out are Sophia and James, Rhydian and Jamie, and Becky and Julie.
Battling it out are Lawrence and Chanelle, Vicky and Nicky, and Laura and Rob.