Lloyd Of The Flies

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Lloyd Of The Flies

Animated series. Lloyd sprains his wing at the far side of the Biggo house.

Series 1
Animated series. When a bird on the loose sends everyone into hiding, Lloyd gets restless.
Animated series. When Lloyd starts behaving very oddly, his senses seem to be at fault.
Animated series. Lloyd's insistence that 'hotter' equals 'happier' is put to the test.
Animated series. Queen Libby accepts Lloyd's offer to find a food-stealing pest.
Animated series. Abacus' attendance at his dad's party is put in doubt when he moults.
Animated series. Lloyd meets a young stink bug called Chuck and sees a chance for a prank.
Animated series. Malcolm and Gena's oldest son - who is also called Lloyd - pays a visit.
Animated series. Lloyd disproves a myth when he meets a real head louse called Titchy.
Animated series. Malcolm has a new 'home theatre' that Lloyd manages to 'break'.
Animated series. Lloyd sets out to uncover the brains behind a new comic based on him.
Animated series. Lloyd becomes trapped in the web of Petrichor, a very hungry spider.
Animated series. Lloyd finds an entire sweetie but is robbed of it by a passing wasp.
Animated series. Lloyd is mistakenly declared a hero after finding a discarded leg.
Animated series. PB sets Lloyd up in a fight with Dotty the ladybird's brother Freckles.
Animated series. Can anyone save Lloyd when he gets his head wedged in a window?
Animated series. Lloyd arranges a party when he isn't invited to Berry's latest gathering.
Animated series. Lloyd, PB and Abacus discover a fly from the past frozen in an ice cube.
Animated series. PB has heard that there's a blob of peanut butter on the kitchen counter.
Animated series. Lloyd's plans with Abacus are ruined when he has to go on a family trip.