Location, Location, Location

October 2020

S22 E19: Ealing & Tooting Revisit 2017

3.0 0 x
Phil Spencer catches up with two couples who took their first steps on the property ladder in London. How did they get on after making compromises on their preferred areas?

S22 E18: Harrow and Bristol Revisit 2017

4.0 6 x
Phil Spencer catches up with two couples who were struggling to find suitable first marital homes: Rupreet and Sundeep were set on Harrow, while Paul and Elly took on Bristol's hot market.

Series 27, Episode 7 - 20 Years and Counting: Friends Buying Together

3.0 6 x
...20 Years and Counting: Kirstie and Phil reminisce on helping friends buy the perfect pad together. Three pals in Belfast triple their buying power. Two friends tackle the London market.

Series 27 Episode 9: East Lothian & Wolverhampton Revisit

4.0 4 x
Phil Spencer catches up with Ian, who wanted a workshop for his vehicles in East Lothian, and Darren and Me'sha, who needed room for a recording studio in Wolverhampton. (S27 Ep9/9)
September 2020

Series 27, Episode 6 - 20 Years and Counting: The Toughest Markets

4.0 3 x
...20 Years and Counting: Kirstie and Phil reminisce on some of the toughest markets they've navigated in order to find house-hunters the right place for the right price.

Series 28 Episode 8: Hertfordshire 2017

4.0 5 x
In Hertfordshire, Kirstie Allsopp helps an American buyer come to terms with the smaller scale of British homes. And Phil Spencer offers guidance to some property first-timers. (S28 Ep8/10)

Series 27, Episode 5 - 20 Years and Counting: Balancing Lifestyle and Business

4.0 8 x
...20 Years and Counting: Kirstie and Phil reminisce on helping people strike a balance between life and work with the perfect place to live and for their business to flourish.

Series 28 Episode 7: Northern Ireland

3.0 6 x
In Bangor, Northern Ireland, Phil Spencer house-hunts with Lynn, who's been blind since birth, while in Belfast, Kirstie Allsopp searches for a home for two busy doctors living far apart.

Series 27, Episode 4 - 20 Years and Counting: Gardens Special

3.0 13 x
...20 Years and Counting: Kirstie and Phil look back on 20 years of finding pastures new for house-hunters whose deal-breakers were the gardens rather than the properties themselves.

Series 28 Episode 6: Oxford & Gloucestershire

3.0 6 x
Kirstie helps first-time buyer Tim in Oxford, where average prices are 14 times the average salary. Phil is in Gloucestershire, where a family need a home with a studio and 'granny annexe'.
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