Louis Theroux

September 2020

Life on the Edge: 4. Family Ties

4.0 18 x
Louis examines how the greatest source of love in our lives – our families – can often be the cause of our deepest pain.

Life on the Edge: 3. Law and Disorder

4.0 18 x
Louis Theroux reflects on the documentaries he has made about the American criminal justice system.

Life on the Edge: 2. The Dark Side of Pleasure

2.0 18 x
Journalist Louis Theroux looks back at 25 years of documentaries and explores how America has managed to take our darkest desires and commodify them.

Life on the Edge: 1. Beyond Belief

4.0 34 x
Louis Theroux looks back at his earliest documentaries and explores how some people’s most fervent beliefs can bring them into conflict with mainstream society.
June 2020

When Louis Met...: The Hamiltons

4.0 13 x
Louis Theroux spends time with ex-Conservative MP Neil Hamilton and his wife Christine, a couple whose names have rarely been absent from media headlines in recent years.

Behind Bars

4.0 10 x
Louis travels to California to spend two weeks in the notorious San Quentin State Prison. Built in 1852, San Quentin is dangerously overcrowded.
May 2020

America's Most Dangerous Pets

4.0 8 x
Travelling to America's heartlands, Louis Theroux spends time with people who have private collections of tigers and chimpanzees.
January 2020

Selling Sex

3.0 77 x
Louis Theroux meets the women legally participating in the new sexual economy, exploring whether selling sex can ever be a healthy way to make money.
August 2019

10. South East Asia: Bangkok, Singapore and Bali...

4.0 15 x
Louis Theroux travels to Portland, Oregon, to visit a movement seeking to rewrite the rulebook on how we conduct intimate relationships and experience family life.

Surviving America's Most Hated Family

3.0 15 x
Louis Theroux returns to visit the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, investigating what effect the death of its founder has had on its members and those who have since left.
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