Love Monster

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 10 - Special Surprise Day

4.0 2 x
Love Monster has to use all his willpower not to open Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny's present before night-time - but what can it be?

Series 1: 9. Yay for Rain Day

4.0 4 x
Good weather ruins Love Monster's indoor day, as his friends want to play outside instead. But when he joins them, it begins to rain, so they do his indoor activities outdoors!

Series 1: 8. Paint a Picture Day

3.0 5 x
When Monster Teddy is chosen to pose for everyone's paintings, Love Monster misses him. So Love Monster poses with Monster Teddy in order that they can be together.

Series 1: 7. Accidental Elder Day

4.0 16 x
When Love Monster mistakes candyfloss on his chin for a beard, he believes he has become an elder. He gets an elder job baking pies, but he finds that it's more difficult than he thought.

Series 1: 6. Hot, Hot, Hot Day

4.0 5 x
Book Cub leaves Love Monster in charge of her fro-yo van while she gets more cups, but he causes a mess when he accidentally breaks the fro-yo machine.

Series 1: 5. Perfect Pineapple Party Day

4.0 0 x
Love Monster's pineapple costume makes it difficult for him to participate in any of the party events.
Series 2

Series 2, Episode 7 - Tidy Up Day

3.0 1 x
Love Monster helps Book Cub tidy up the forest. But later on, he realises that he has taken things that the creatures living there rely on, and he wants to put them back.

Series 2, Episode 1 - Hot Chocolate Day

4.0 5 x
Love Monster is the sipping host for Hot Chocolate Day. He tries to make his hot chocolate special by adding pickles but realises everyone wants him to serve it as usual.
Series 1

Series 1: 4. Show and Tell Day

4.0 8 x
Love Monster worries about showing people his favourite conch shell when everyone else has unicorn-themed items for their show and tell presentations.

Series 1: 3. Three-Legged Race Day

3.0 2 x
Love Monster is partnered with Bad Idea Puppy for the three-legged race.