Love Monster

February 2020

Series 1: 15. Give It Another Go Day

4.0 2 x
Love Monster doesn’t like the beach but tries to give it another go by looking for an aspect of it that he can enjoy.

Series 1: 14. Carrot Day

3.0 2 x
Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny is excited for Love Monster to try carrots, but it turns out he doesn't like them.

Series 1: 13. Picnic Night

4.0 1 x
A mysterious giant bunny delays the night-time picnic.

Series 1: 12. Dancing Away Day

4.0 0 x
Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny has a dance competition out of town. Love Monster misses her while she is gone and worries that he didn’t wish her good luck.

Series 1: 11. Clear Out Day

4.0 2 x
Love Monster tries to share an old disco ball with his friends, but they all want to do different things with it.

Series 1: 10. Special Surprise Day

4.0 2 x
Love Monster has to use all his willpower not to open Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny's present before night-time - but what can it be?

Series 1: 9. Yay for Rain Day

4.0 4 x
Good weather ruins Love Monster's indoor day, as his friends want to play outside instead. But when he joins them, it begins to rain, so they do his indoor activities outdoors!

Series 1: 8. Paint a Picture Day

3.0 3 x
When Monster Teddy is chosen to pose for everyone's paintings, Love Monster misses him. So Love Monster poses with Monster Teddy in order that they can be together.

Series 1: 7. Accidental Elder Day

4.0 3 x
When Love Monster mistakes candyfloss on his chin for a beard, he believes he has become an elder. He gets an elder job baking pies, but he finds that it's more difficult than he thought.

Series 1: 6. Hot, Hot, Hot Day

4.0 2 x
Book Cub leaves Love Monster in charge of her fro-yo van while she gets more cups, but he causes a mess when he accidentally breaks the fro-yo machine.
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