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Love Monster

Love Monster gets separated from Elder Panda in the Everything but Sprinkles Store and needs to make a plan to find him again.

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Series 3
Love Monster’s calendar is missing a sticker, so he doesn’t know what celebration day it is today. He becomes too embarrassed to ask his friends so pretends he knows by copying them.
Love Monster creates a new dance for Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny’s birthday, but when word gets out, the whole of Fluffytown wants to see him perform it, which makes him feel nervous!
Love Monster brings Monster Teddy extreme skiing on Mount Fluffaroo even though he isn’t tall enough and must rescue him when he falls from the ski lift.
Love Monster has planned the perfect dinner for his friends, but after he spends too long on the decorations, he runs out of time to cook - and things go from bad to worse.
Love Monster trades in his old scooter for a shiny new one but finds he can no longer do a lot of the fun things on it that he used to do with his old one.
Love Monster looks after a baby koala for the day and experiences all the ups and downs of parenthood as he tries to keep her happy.
Love Monster wants to make sure he does all the activities on Party All Day Day, but he starts to feel tired before his favourite bit - the conga!
Love Monster wants his friends to relax when he treats them to a spa day. But when they take their time to relax, he tries to rush things, causing everyone to be stressed instead.
Love Monster performs in the One Trick Magic Show but gets carried away and accidentally hogs the limelight from Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny by performing three tricks instead of one.
Bad Idea Puppy listens in on a Council of Cuteness meeting and mishears that Take My Time Tortoise is moving. The false news spreads as he and Love Monster plan a leaving party.
Bad Idea Puppy tries to beat the speed record for treat-taking in his rocket costume, but he accidentally vacuums them all up, leaving none for the other Fluffytowners.
Love Monster clears out his attic for a bring-and-swap event, but he can’t let his old things go until Elder Panda helps him realise that others might be able to use them every day.
Love Monster crafts a special toy plane from wood for himself, but he is worried Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny and Bad Idea Puppy will break it when he shares it with them.
Love Monster, Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny and Bad Idea Puppy try to do something nice by redecorating Elder Kitten's living room, but they don’t stop to think how he would like it to be done.
Love Monster tries everything he can to nap before the big Siesta Fiesta, but nothing works. Finally, he gives up and DJs instead, which helps him to drift off.
Love Monster goes on a journey to fulfil his dream of finding the magic sparkle dust at the end of the super rainbow, but every time he gets close it seems to move away from him.
Love Monster pretends to have a strange illness on Happy Healthy Day so Dr Piggles has a patient to treat, but soon all the fibbing makes him feel unwell for real.
Love Monster is excited to be an assistant lifeguard for the day. But when he thinks he sees a Danger Noodle in the water and exaggerates the story, the beach has to close.
Love Monster is excited to go camping with Delivery Duckling, but when things keep going wrong, he decides to go back home. He changes his mind when they see a rare sparkle moon.