Maddie, The Zoo And You

September 2020

Series 1: 5. How Do We Stay Comfortable?

3.0 3 x
Today, Maddie learns about feeling comfortable. She learns about warm- and cold-blooded animals, how our bodies sweat and the importance of keeping clean for proper comfort.

Series 1: 4. How Do We Communicate?

3.0 3 x
In today’s episode, Maddie’s at the zoo to learn about the ways we communicate. She learns about chimpanzee grooming, how we use our senses and how elephants can hear almost 10 kilometres away!

Series 1: 3. How Do We Move?

3.0 6 x
Today at the zoo, Maddie discovers how animals move! She learns about a cheetah's muscles, how sea lions swim, the way squirrel monkeys swing across trees and how wolverines extend their claws.

Series 1: 2. Why Do We Play?

3.0 5 x
In today’s episode at the zoo, Maddie is having fun playing! She discovers that playing helps us to learn new things by looking at tigers, giraffes and African hunting dogs.

Series 1: 1. Why Do We Eat?

4.0 6 x
Today at the zoo, Maddie learns how the food we eat can help to keep us fit and healthy. She takes a look at how zebras spend time, what lions eat and how crocodiles and camels keep their teeth clean.
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