Make It At Market

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Make It At Market

Can Dom and his team help woodturner Shannon see how marketable her work is? Will upcycler Ryan trust his mentor’s advice and produce pieces that help him stand out from the crowd?

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Dom Chinea and a team of elite professional makers help talented amateur crafters turn their hobbies and skills into serious money and life-changing businesses.
Harrison dreams of a successful furniture-making business, but can he create a signature style? And can Rachel sell enough wearable cake shoes to give up her corporate career?
Louise has been studying stone carving for two years, and now she needs to make it pay. Jennifer creates beautiful textile designs, but needs to find her direction.
Offshore engineer Andy dreams of a career in blacksmithing to spend more time at home. Willow weaver Ciara has potential, but can she speed up production to make enough profit?
Leatherworker Dani is skilled in her craft and hopes to grow her fledgling business. Masooma is a talented artist but needs to find the right market for her creations to succeed.
Emily hopes to do pottery full-time, but a lack of clarity in her designs is holding her back. Momoka’s weaving is stunning, but she needs her craft to pay to support her family.
Will would like his love of art to pay, but he needs to find a distinctive style. Physiotherapist and aspiring jeweller Ange hopes her crafting ability can enable a change of career.
Lindon’s metalwork is beautiful, but he lacks confidence. Can his mentor give him the boost he needs? Hannah’s hand embroidery is stunning, but can her mentor help her make it pay?
Jo never quite found the right career until she discovered leather work, but can it bring in the cash? Can Jill fulfil her lifelong dream of making a living from art?
Martin makes incredible furniture but needs to boost his business and sales skills to thrive. Charlotte quit her job to commit to a career in stained glass, but will she succeed?
After redundancy, Alison followed her passion for upholstery. She has the USP, now she needs sales. Blacksmith Jack wants to swap architectural for artistic work. Can he succeed?
After 20 years of trying to make a living from mosaics, will Dionne’s dream finally come true? And can Alan earn enough from his embroidery so that he and his partner can buy their own home?
Tristan’s a highly skilled stone carver, but lacks the confidence to match his passion. Jaycee’s colourful furniture is eye-catching, but can she build a business on that alone?
Des dreams of a career in willow but needs to channel his skills. Stained-glass artist Emily’s impostor syndrome is holding her back. Could advice from Dom and his team help?
Emily needs to find a way of selling her pottery to help manage her lifestyle following a brain injury. Hayley’s upholstery is beautiful, but to stand out she needs to go bespoke.
Clay jewellery helps cleaner Rachel with her anxiety, and she dreams of turning it into a career. Having left his IT job, Roy has no choice but to earn a living from coppersmithing.
Episodes 2023
Artist Tasia can produce striking digital art and impressive paintings, but can she excel at both? Stone carver Alex needs to overcome a confidence problem to fulfil his potential.
Glassblower Alison has a dream of selling in high-end galleries, and upcycling duo Fernando and Saurabh want to ditch the day jobs and run their business full-time.
After sinking her savings into her jewellery business, Annelies needs to see a return. And will woodturner and mum of two Lucinda sink or swim at her first market?