Making A Serial Killer

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Making A Serial Killer

Married father of two Anthony Shore used his job as a repair man to target girls.

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Series 1
William Devin Howell killied seven vulnerable women, burying them behind a shopping mall.
Sheila LaBarre lured men to her farmyard to murder them - how many we still don't know.
How Willie Inmon was revealed as America's youngest serial killer.
For years a church-going family man was hooking-up with and killing gay men.
The Louisiana serial killer who became known as 'the Bayou Strangler'.
How could the woman whose DNA had been found on a victim be a serial killer rapist?
Kohlhepp lived a double life - leaving a trail of kidnapping, enslavement and murder.
Mystery surrounds the number of victims of Jesse Matthew, the 'back-to-school killer'.
Don Miller did a deal: he admitted to killing four women if he got an earlier parole date.