Making Out

Series 3

Series 3, Episode 8

7 x
In the series finale, the workforce takes part in a Latin American dance competition. Meanwhile, Queenie faces up to her past and Pauline looks to her future.

Series 3, Episode 7

1 x
When Chunky's mate Kip persuades the girls to invest in a racehorse, Queenie finds herself in for a bumpy ride.

Series 3, Episode 6

6 x
A night out at the working men's club is just the tonic for Pauline, and gives Queenie a chance to display her talents.

Series 3, Episode 5

6 x
A creche is set up, Klepto paints a mural, Pauline has more treatment, and Carol May takes refuge at Norma's.

Series 3, Episode 4

9 x
Carol May's husband gets a new obsession, and a handsome young stranger arrives on Queenie's doorstep.

Series 3, Episode 3

11 x
Pauline is underwhelmed by Frankie's over-enthusiastic seduction techniques.

Series 3, Episode 2

10 x
Queenie and Rosie prepare for motherhood, but is the hospital prepared for Queenie?

Series 3, Episode 1

9 x
Things are looking up under Mr Kim's management. Meanwhile, Klepto prepares to go to Newcastle Uni, Queenie is eight months pregnant, and can Carol May keep her marriage together?
Series 2

Series 2, Episode 8

9 x
Jill makes her mind up, while Bernie and the girls try to scupper Norma's best-laid plans.

Series 2, Episode 7

2 x
What are Klepto and Simon doing on a scouts outing to Blackpool? There are strange encounters at the seaside for the girls of New Lyne Electronics.

Series 2, Episode 6

13 x
If it's not last night's vindaloo, what's giving Queenie a belly ache?

Series 2, Episode 5

15 x
Pauline harbours suspicions about Frankie's nocturnal activities, and Jill adjusts to life without a husband.

Series 2, Episode 4

13 x
Donna puts home and baby first, while Jill tries to leave her past behind.

Series 2, Episode 3

5 x
What do you say to your late husband's mistress? Stella faces Carol May.

Series 2, Episode 2

11 x
The factory is still in trouble. Bounced wage cheques and a visit from the VAT man only add to Rex's problems.

Series 2, Episode 1

13 x
With no orders and dodgy solvent, New Lyne Electronics struggles under Rex's management, which poses problems for the girls. Meanwhile, Donna goes into labour in the factory lift.
Series 1

Series 1, Episode 8

8 x
Will Rex finally leave Stella? Who is Ray's new girlfriend? And what will happen if the Koreans pull out now? Orders from head office threaten chaos at Lyne Electronics.

Series 1, Episode 7

10 x
Executive manager Bella Grout arrives to supervise the business administration of the factory.

Series 1, Episode 6

20 x
Series 1, Episode 6 of the TV-show Making Out was broadcast by BBC4 on Wednesday 15 November 2023 at 22:50.

Series 1, Episode 5

12 x
Modern management techniques hit Lyne Electronics, in the form of efficiency expert Mr Parrot, and human resources manager Tamsin Carlyle.