Marcus Wareing Simply Provence

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Marcus Wareing Simply Provence

Marcus’s time in Saint-Remy is nearly over. He’s going to a local farm party and has to bring a dish. For a celebratory but simple recipe, that means local organic veg.

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Series 1
Marcus has a VIP coming for dinner, and he wants to impress. He intends to build the meal around one simple local ingredient that’s surprisingly grown just down the road, red rice.
With all the incredible meat, fish and cheese in Provence, it’s easy to focus on the savoury food offerings. But Marcus wants to discover what simple sweet treats are on offer.
Herbes de Provence is famous. But with no UK equivalent, Marcus wants to create his own simple dried herb mix to rival this French classic and turn any dull dish into a tasty meal.
The British people are proud of their beef dishes, and the French are too. Steak frites is a national institution, but in Provence, Marcus is expecting something a little different.
The Brits and French share a passion for poisson. Marcus wants to discover which fish they celebrate in Provence, and if they have a dish to rival the great British fish and chips.
There is one delicious food that is adored the world over: chocolate. But Marcus loves a good old-fashioned British bar, so can the Frenchconvince him that they do it better?
Marcus wants to give the French a run for their money with a twist on a classic Sunday roast using a meat beloved by the French and Brits alike - chicken.
The UK loves fruit-based classics like apple crumble. Marcus wants to discover if it’s the same in France. Do they have a passion for retro recipes that rival our British favourites?
The baguette is an essential in France that’s eaten with every meal. It's also popular in the UK as a sandwich, but do the French enjoy this British twist? Marcus finds out.
Marcus looks to impress the locals during a cooking demo at a farmers' market with a meat that is loved equally by the Brits and the French – pork. Can he convince them that we Brits know how to cook?
Marcus wants to understand Provence’s passion for olives, from oil, desserts and even an olive breaking competition.
Marcus indulges in the French passions of food and sport. He goes on the hunt for the ultimate local cheese to impress some pétanque players.
Marcus discovers how lamb is produced in Provence. Is there a local lamb dish to rival his favourite Lancashire hotpot?
In Provence, the tomato is king, and Marcus is on a mission to discover the ultimate simple tomato recipe.