Martin Compston's Norwegian Fling

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Martin Compston's Norwegian Fling

Martin and Phil explore Norway’s traditions. Going back in time to a Viking village, the pair experience a pagan ceremony before helping to build a gigantic midsummer bonfire.

Series 1
Martin and Phil are back in Bergen for a crash course in offshore oil rig safety training, before travelling to Voss to try out some smoked sheep’s head.
The boys have made it to the Arctic Circle, where they get up close and personal with the local wildlife, call in on pop star Dagny, before a stopping off at the very edge of Europe.
Martin and Phil celebrate Norway’s national day with the Scots who have made Bergen their home, head out to sea with a fishing family and lend a hand to some local lumberjacks.
Martin Compston and Phil MacHugh begin their epic journey in Norway’s capital, Oslo. They try roller skiing, meet Norway’s youngest politician and enjoy a first-night tipple in some quirky digs.
Martin and Phil enjoy a stunning drive to Trondheim, Norway’s capital of cool, where they experience the heat of a Michelin-starred kitchen, before letting off steam at a death metal gig.