May 2019

2018/2019: Episode 27

3.0 2 x
John Humphrys asks the questions in a semi-final. Tonight’s subjects include the Ottoman Empire, the Peter Wimsey novels of Dorothy L Sayers and the Grand National.

2018/2019: Episode 26

3.0 0 x
John Humphrys asks the questions in a semi-final of the classic quiz. The subjects include the life of Aneurin Bevan, Top 40 pop music of the 60s and the fiction of John Steinbeck.
April 2019

2018/2019: Episode 25

4.0 0 x
John Humphrys asks the questions as the classic quiz reaches the semi-finals. Subjects include the Festival of Britain, 2 Tone Records and the life and times of Samuel Johnson.

2018/2019: Episode 24

4.0 4 x
John Humphrys presents another heat of the classic quiz. Four contenders answer questions on Henry VIII, Britpop, Christopher Isherwood and the Royal Navy in the First World War.

2018/2019: Episode 23

3.0 3 x
Four more contenders brave the black chair and answer questions on the films of Heath Ledger, Tycho Brahe, Sarah Kane and Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury.
March 2019

2018/2019: Episode 22

3.0 3 x
John Humphrys tests four more contenders. Tonight’s subjects are 1970s pop, Neville Chamberlain, Sparta and CS Lewis.

2018/2019: Episode 21

3.0 1 x
John Humphrys presents the classic quiz with four contenders answering questions on the Goons, the Trojan War, Egon Schiele and the novels of Mary Wesley.

2018/2019: Episode 20

4.0 2 x
Four more contenders brave the black chair. The subjects are Prince, Thomas Telford, the Julio-Claudian dynasty and the novels of Charles Dickens.

Series 19: 26. Shropshire

4.0 1 x
Series 19: 26. Shropshire of the TV-show Mastermind was broadcast by BBC2 on Friday 8 March 2019 at 20:00.
Episodes expected soon

May 24, 2019

Expected on
Seizoen 16 - Aflevering 28 - In the latest semi-final, contestants answer questions on subjects including Queen Victoria, Ibsen's plays and Test cricket between England and India.
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