Match Of The Day 2

September 2020

2020/21: 27/09/2020

3.0 6 x
Mark Chapman presents highlights from the day’s Premier League games, which include an eagerly anticipated Yorkshire derby between Sheffield United and Leeds.

2020/21: 20/09/2020

3.0 19 x
Mark Chapman presents highlights from a packed day of Premier League football, featuring champions Liverpool taking a trip to big-spending Chelsea.

2020/21: 13/09/2020

4.0 27 x
Highlights of the day’s Premier League matches, plus analysis of the goals and talking points on the first weekend of the new top-flight season.
July 2020

2019/20: 19/07/2020

4.0 10 x
Highlights and talking points from all of Sunday’s Premier League matches, plus a round-up of the goals from the other games to have taken place this weekend.

2019/20: 12/07/2020

4.0 11 x
Mark Chapman presents highlights and talking points from the day’s four Premier League matches, including the north London derby between Tottenham and Arsenal.

2019/20: 05/07/2020

4.0 6 x
Highlights and talking points from all of today’s matches in the Premier League.
June 2020

2019/20: 28/06/2020

3.0 9 x
Highlights from today’s Premier League match between Watford and Southampton, along with the goals from yesterday’s West Midlands derby between Aston Villa and Wolves.

2019/20: 21/06/2020

3.0 13 x
More highlights from the resumed Premier League season, including the eagerly awaited Merseyside derby, Newcastle v Sheffield United and Aston Villa v Chelsea.
March 2020

2019/20: 08/03/2020

4.0 23 x
Mark Chapman presents highlights of the day’s two Premier League fixtures, including the Manchester derby at Old Trafford and Carlo Ancelotti's return to Chelsea with Everton.

2019/20: 01/03/2020

4.0 8 x
Mark Chapman introduces highlights and analysis of the day's two Premier League games: Everton v Manchester United and Tottenham v Wolves.
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