Meet the Ancestors

March 2013

4. The Black Hand

3.0 74 x
Julian Richards joins archaeologists in Cheshire as they excavate a long-lost chapel.

3. Living with the Ancestors

3.0 34 x
A couple discovers a 5th century graveyard when they try to build a garage.

4. The Tomb that Time Forgot

3.0 39 x
Julian Richards joins a team of archaeologists investigating a burial chamber in Orkney.

3. The Ultimate Sacrifice

3.0 24 x
Investigates the skeletons of a woman and three children at a Stone Age temple in Dorset.

2. At the Sign of the Eagle

3.0 38 x
Follows an excavation team as they uncover a rare find in a fourth-century Roman cemetery.
February 2013

1. Warrior

3.0 34 x
Julian Richards visits a team working on an Anglo-Saxon graveyard in Suffolk.

6. A Family Plot

3.0 60 x
Julian Richards helps investigate a 19th century vault in the centre of Coventry.

5. Bones in the Barnyard

3.0 21 x
Julian Richards joins a team examining the remains of two crouch burials in Bleadon.

4. The Rose Garden Mystery

3.0 35 x
Julian Richards investigates a coffin dug up in a rose bed at Malmesbury Abbey.
January 2013

3. Friends, Romans or Countrymen?

3.0 38 x
Julian Richards joins a team excavating a stone coffin from a building site in Bristol.
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