Meet The Mcqueens

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 6 - Who Dunnit?

1 x
When things go missing in the McQueen house, Omari, Mahkai and Kiara try to catch the culprit.

Series 1, Episode 5 - Zombies

2 x
Omari and his siblings help Laquarn as he takes on the challenge of directing an action movie. But will they be able to stop squabbling and deliver?

Series 1, Episode 3 - Boss Day!

1 x
Mum and Dad agree to Omari, Mahkai and Kiara taking charge of the house for a whole day! What can possibly go wrong?

Series 1, Episode 2 - Temptation!

5 x
Omari and Mahkai love gaming. but if they can resist the temptation to touch the console, Dad has promised them a reward.

Series 1, Episode 1 - A New Baby!

2 x
Omari and his family are planning a surprise party to celebrate the arrival of baby Nahara - but can they get everything ready in time and keep it secret from Mum?

Series 1, Episode 4 - Face Your Fears

2 x
The McQueens tackle a treetop climbing adventure, meaning Mum has to face her fear of heights, and Kiara must find the confidence to overcome her shyness.

Series 1, Episode 20 - When the TV Breaks!

7 x
With the TV broken, and movie night cancelled, Mahkai has the genius idea of a family quiz in order to keep the whole family entertained.

Series 1, Episode 19 - Growing Up Fast

6 x
Omari is making Nahara her first birthday cake and is helping his younger siblings look sharp for the family portrait photo shoot.

Series 1, Episode 18 - Big Granny’s Big Surprise

22 x
There's a very special surprise waiting if the McQueens can solve Big Granny’s riddles. However, Big Granny has more than a few tricks up her sleeve.

Series 1, Episode 17 - Hoop Dreams

17 x
Omari and his younger siblings are determined to finally beat older and taller Laquarn in a game of basketball. However, nothing they try goes to plan.

Series 1, Episode 16 - Best Worst Birthday Ever!

9 x
It is dad's birthday, but the entire family has forgotten, or have they? Can Omari, Mahkai and Kiara pull off the most cunning and epic surprise birthday double bluff ever?

Series 1, Episode 15 - Omari’s Kitchen Test…..Continued!

1 x
Today is the day Omari and his dad are finally ready to open the test kitchen, but will any customers turn up? And if they do, what will they think of Omari’s food?

Series 1, Episode 14 - Omari’s Kitchen Test

12 x
Omari has set his heart on opening up a test kitchen, but can he and his family decorate the venue, order supplies, plan the menu and launch a publicity campaign in just one week?

Series 1, Episode 13 - Kiara Goes To Gym

2 x
How can Omari and his brothers help Kiara overcome her nervousness about going to her first ever gym class? Or has Kiara got it under control?

Series 1, Episode 12 - Dream Big!

3 x
Can Omari come up with a plan to take him one step closer to his dream of one day running the world's biggest vegan restaurant chain? And can Kiara work out what she wants to do?

Series 1, Episode 11 - Go-Go-Go-Karting

1 x
Omari and Kiara are determined to help Mahkai fulfil his racing car driving dream - but will Mahkai get into peak condition in time to ace the go-karting race?

Series 1, Episode 10 - Jamaican Independence Day

14 x
Omari is cooking for the family's Jamaican Independence Day celebration, but Dad is up to something in the kitchen too! Whose food will the family like best?

Series 1, Episode 9 - Keep it Cool

5 x
It's so hot in the city, and while Omari, Mahkai and Laquarn are challenging one another to an epic lilo race at the local pool, can Kiara keep Jainon and Kaylen cool at home?

Series 1, Episode 8 - Crazy Golf!

13 x
Omari is planning to finally beat Dad at crazy golf. But can Omari bring it back on track after Dad suggests postponing?

Series 1, Episode 7 - On the Bus with Dad!

0 x
Omari has genius idea to treat Dad to a special midnight feast - but will it go to plan?