Melissa & Joey

Melissa & Joey catch up

Series 5

Series 5, Episode 22

3.0 1 x
Double Happiness: Mel receives unexpected news that could directly affect her run for a Senate seat. Lennox and Zander are involved in a serious car crash. (S5 Ep22/22)

Series 5, Episode 21

3.0 0 x
Be the Bigger Person: Mel launches a healthy diet campaign while running for a Senate seat, but a voter soon catches her out eating some unhealthy fast food. (S5 Ep21/22)

Series 5, Episode 20

3.0 0 x
Game Night: With Ryder home on leave from the Navy, Mel decides to organise a fun family game night, pitting herself and Joe against Lennox and Zander. (S5 Ep20/22)

Series 5, Episode 19

3.0 1 x
Put a Ring on It: Joe buys Mel a fake birthday gift to distract her from his big surprise: a unique wedding ring that he has had created especially for her. (S5 Ep19/22)

Series 5, Episode 18

3.0 0 x
Melissa & Joey's Frozen: During a skiing holiday, Mel and Joe become frozen after getting buried in an avalanche and are thawed out 100 years later. (S5 Ep18/22)

Series 5, Episode 17

3.0 0 x
The Parent Trap: Mel is alarmed when her father gives Joe's mother some advice about drawing up a will and the pair start to get along a little too well. (S5 Ep17/22)

Series 5, Episode 16

3.0 0 x
The Early Shift: Joe gets a new job as the lifestyle correspondent on a local morning television show but he is required to get up very early every day. (S5 Ep16/22)

Series 5, Episode 14

3.0 1 x
You Little Devil: Joe loses his swagger in the bedroom when he learns about the romantic significance of a little devil tattoo that Mel has on her rear end. (S5 Ep14/22)

Series 5, Episode 13

3.0 1 x
Call of Duty: Reeling from Ryder's announcement that he wants to join the Navy, Mel and Joe try to discourage him by putting him through a mock boot camp. (S5 Ep13/22)

Series 5, Episode 11

3.0 1 x
Gone Girl: Mel tries to talk Lennox out of going to Colombia on a research expedition with her college professor. Joe makes Dani call her mother, Felicia. (S5 Ep11/22)