Messy Goes to OKIDO

October 2019

Series 2: 26. Zoom Has a Dream

3.0 8 x
Zam invents a machine that makes it possible to go inside other people's dreams - what a trip! However, when Zoom has a bad dream in time, will Messy and his friends from OKIDO be able to save him?

Series 2: 25. The Gloria Express

4.0 2 x
When leaves on the line cause havoc with OKIDO's railway, will the mayor be able to meet his mother Gloria and Lolly in time for lunch?

Series 2: 24. Sneezy Wheezy

3.0 0 x
Everyone in OKIDO has been kept awake by a mysterious sound. Messy and his friends go to find its source and discover that the giants need their help.

Series 2: 23. Messy's Pixel Power

4.0 3 x
How do pictures get onto a screen, and how does a cartoon get into your TV? When you need to know, go to OKIDO!

Series 2: 22. Messy's Mega Power

4.0 5 x
The Oki-dokis are about to perform when OKIDO runs out of electricity! Anxious that their favourite band might not be able to play, can Messy and his friends find a new way of powering the concert?

Series 2: 21. Muscly Messy

3.0 13 x
At the OKIDO Oki-lympics, everyone is joining in! A race between Messy with his super muscles and Zam with his amazing new robot pants results in some surprises.

Series 2: 20. Supersonic Messy

4.0 4 x
Okidoodle is jealous of the new RoboCar, which can go super fast! Will Okidoodle be able to catch up with the RoboCar and earn back Messy's admiration?

Series 2: 19. Bubble Trouble

3.0 3 x
Bubbles, bubbles, all over OKIDO! Zam invents a super-strong bubble machine, but things go a bit wrong and Zim finds himself in a spot of bother.

Series 2: 18. Carroty Carrots

4.0 3 x
Messy and his friends help Lofty the giant make the biggest birthday cake ever. But will they be able to stop the out-of-control Growbot? And why are there carrots all over OKIDO?

Series 2: 17. Messy Moves a Mountain

3.0 1 x
Rocky Mountain is feeling down in the dumps because he's never been to the beach, so Messy and his friends from OKIDO come up with a clever plan to cheer him up!
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