Milkshake! Secret Life Of The Forest

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Milkshake! Secret Life Of The Forest

Every year new trees are grown in a tree nursery and planted in the forest.

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Series 1
When the sun comes up the forest is filled with birdsong.
Deer are shy and gentle, and have a keen sense of smell.
Sheep don't mind the cold because they have a woolly coat.
Some creatures make their homes underground, like bunny rabbits and badgers.
The forest is full of busy insects, like bees, grasshoppers and semaphore flies.
Caterpillars are chomping champions. They can eat many times their own body weight!
On the forest floor there is a magical world right beneath your feet!
Red squirrels are some of the cutest and cleverest creatures in the forest.
With the help of special cameras we are able to see who is about at night.
Toads are slimy and shiny, and they love to hop into the water for a good old croak.
We meet a variety of water-dwelling birds including kingfishers, dippers and wagtails.
Beavers build a home that benefits all of the forest around them.
A year in the forest brings lots of incredible changes for the creatures that live there.
Osprey are expert at fishing, and another expert hunter is the owl.