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Millie Inbetween

Comedy drama series. When their holiday is cancelled, the kids find that Mum and Mike are getting under their feet, so they arrange for them to go to Dad and Amber's.

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Series 3
Comedy drama series. Determined to win the school's big Eco Challenge, Millie goes green and insists the whole family make do without the internet for a week.
Comedy drama series. Millie and Lauren compete to give Dad the best Father's Day. Fran and Jake's own father arrives with news that he has moved into the area.
Comedy drama series. When a new frontman joins Craig's band, Craig is told he needs to buff up and look the part - or he's out.
Comedy drama series. Millie has to choose her school subjects, and her dad has taken a full-time job that really doesn't suit him.
Comedy drama series. Millie discovers that Mike has lost his job at the gym, but he is too depressed to tell Mum. Millie and Lauren try to find him a new job.
Comedy drama series. The girls spend Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day at Dad's home, but Millie is surprised by her grandparents' arrival.
Comedy drama series. Amber has some huge news - she's pregnant. But when Dad fumbles the announcement, Millie isn't over the moon.
Comedy drama series. Millie is invited to a wild-sounding party, but her mum won't let her go. Fed up with being 'the sensible one', Millie responds by going bad.
Comedy drama series. When Dad, Amber and the family move into a bigger flat, Fran, Jake and the girls clash over who will have the extra bedroom.
Series 2
Comedy drama series. It's half term and Millie persuades both sides of the family to go on a joint camping holiday.
Comedy drama series. Mike tells a horrified Craig that he's planning to ask mum to marry him. Craig joins forces with Lauren to prevent it.
Comedy drama series. Dad and Amber are back together - and Amber's moving in. The resulting chaos drives Millie, Lauren, Fran and Jake round to Mum's house.
Comedy drama series. Dad and Amber realise they need some space - so they decide to take a break from their relationship.
Comedy drama series. Craig brings his cool new friend Justin home - and after one look at him, Lauren is smitten.
Comedy drama series. It's parents' evening, but Millie is desperate to prevent Mum and Dad seeing her English teacher, Miss Knope. She turns to Lauren for help.
Comedy drama series. When Mum is made redundant from her job at Sunnyshopper, the family are supportive - until she starts a regime of frenzied tidying.
Comedy drama series. Overhearing Millie describe her as uncool, Mum decides it's time to change. The results are embarrassing for Millie and Lauren.
Comedy drama series. Jake's dad plans to make a rare appearance and take him to the air guitar championships, but he lets Jake down at the last minute.
Comedy drama series. The school is holding a spelling bee and Millie enters, hoping it'll mean more attention from Dad.