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Millie Inbetween

Comedy drama series. Millie is anonymously blogging advice to school parents, and Leo tries to teach Declan to be cool.

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Series 4
Comedy drama series. Jessie is hinting that there's trouble at home, so Millie draws on her own experience to help.
Comedy drama series. Millie is afraid that mum and Mike arguing means they'll split up. She sets herself up as peacemaker for them.
Comedy drama series. Lauren's social media usage is dangerously out of hand. With Millie's help she deletes herself, but craves what she's missing.
Comedy drama series. Confident cousin Leo moves into Craig's old room. Lauren tries to bring him down, and Millie tries to rescue him.
Comedy drama series. Millie seeks a new friend and is unaware how much she is hurting Fran, Jake and potential buddy Jessie in the process.
Comedy drama series. It's New Year's Eve, Millie's stuck in the loft, Craig is humiliated, and the family are upset because they think they've missed midnight.
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Series 4, Episode 8 - Best Actress Goes To...

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Comedy drama series. There is family drama as Leo is cast as Juliet and Lauren as the Friar. The girls realise they need to help Leo find his inner Juliet.