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My Such Fun Celebration

4.0 85 x
Miranda Hart and the cast of her sitcom come together to celebrate the show's tenth anniversary with a music-filled, star-studded spectacular from the London Palladium.
Episodes 2017

August 25, 2017

4.0 7 x
August 25, 2017 of the TV-show Miranda was broadcast by BBC1 on Friday 25 August 2017 at 23:20.

Morecambe & Wise And Me

4.0 57 x
Eric and Ernie devotee Miranda Hart celebrates the incomparable comedy duo.
Episodes 2015

December 28, 2015

Expired 3.0 52 x
It's the final chance for Miranda to try to learn to accept herself and find contentment. Will it be alone or does she find her one true love? One last chance to hang out with Miranda, Stevie, Penny, Tilly and Gary.

December 21, 2015

Expired 3.0 55 x
We find Miranda where we left her, with two proposals - one from Gary and one from Mike. Will she choose one of them or will she run away from the pressures of relationships and the fear of not coping with being a wife?
Episodes 2014

Series 3: 1. It Was Panning

Expired 3.0 55 x
Penny threatens to cancel Miranda's Christmas if she does not sort her life out.(R)

Series 3: 6. A Brief Encounter

Expired 3.0 51 x
A fed-up Miranda makes a big life decision: she's going travelling.(R)

Series 3: 5. Three Little Words

Expired 3.0 41 x
Will Stevie persuade Miranda to declare her true feelings towards Gary?(R)

Series 3: 4. Je Regret Nothing

Expired 3.0 40 x
Trapped in her flat and being shouted at, Miranda is forced to think about her regrets.(R)

3. The Dinner Party

3.0 27 x
Miranda decides to prove to herself and her friends that she can officially be an adult.(R)
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