Mixmups (Visually Signed)

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Mixmups (Visually Signed)

The Mixmups go on an adventure to find a helper pet for Spin. (BSL)

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Series 1
The Mixmups go on an Easter Egg hunting adventure. (BSL)
The Mixmups go on a night-time adventure to try to stay awake longer than the moon. (BSL)
The Mixmups go on an adventure to find out what the clouds taste like. (BSL)
The Mixmups go on a picnic adventure but don't recognise the food they're offered. (BSL)
The friends see if they can make their wishes come true with a magical wish machine. (BSL)
Spin finds his favourite socks under his bed, but they're too small for him.
Yapette loses her woof. Can the Mixmups make her woofy and waggy again? (BSL)
The Mixmups go on a Pirate Hunt, looking for golden treasure. (BSL)
The Mixmups build a nature box and then try to find someone to live in their home. (BSL)
The Mixmups take a holiday from tidying up. (BSL)
The Mixmups set out on an adventure to be parcel delivery drivers. (BSL)
The Mixmups start a game of building a 'bigger-than-me-cake'. (BSL)
The Mixmups visit a zoo to see if they can see a real tiger. (BSL)
The Mixmups visit a fruit nursery where they embark on a competition. (BSL)
The Mixmups dream of living in a perfect fairy tale castle. (BSL)
The Mixmups take a trip to space for a cheesy bite to eat. (BSL)
The Mixmups visit a sports stadium to fulfil Spin's dream of becoming an Olympian. (BSL)