Murder, They Hope

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Murder, They Hope

Terry is forced to reconnect with an old friend, leaving Gemma to investigate crimes solo, risking her life in the process.

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Series 2
Forty-eight hours before their wedding, Gemma and Terry find themselves with a dead guest on their hands. They must solve the murder or risk their own wedding being overshadowed.
En route to Gemma and Terry’s wedding, Gemma diverts them to a quick mystery at a couples' therapy retreat, where death threats have been received.
Series 1
There's a twisted serial killer on the loose, and only Terry and Gemma’s coach tour knowledge can help the police find the murderer.
Gemma’s sister, Monica, is starring in a production of Romeo and Juliet sponsored by the town’s local bakers. Unfortunately, somebody is poisoning the baker’s products, and lives are now at risk.
Gemma and Terry are now private investigators, and they have in their possession a valuable collector's piece that the murderous Bunny Man will stop at nothing to acquire.