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Musical Storyland

The animals in the forest are hungry and thirsty. Hare knows of a magical tree that will give them food and water, but can they find out the name of it?

Series 2
Three little pigs must build their own houses when they grow up and leave home, but which pig's house is strong enough to withstand the puff of the big, bad wolf?
The stone cutter wishes he could be a rich man and continues wishing for greater things. He eventually realises that he was satisfied with his life as a hard-working stone cutter.
When the farmer and her daughter plant their last wrinkly seed, they are surprised and delighted when it grows into an enormous turnip. But how will they get it out of the ground?
Hare's friends are fed up with her boasting about how fast she can run. No-one will race her, until Tortoise decides she has what it takes to beat boastful Hare!
Series 1
Many years ago, the Jade Emperor of China held a race across a great river to decide the order of the years of the zodiac. Twelve daring animals compete to take first place.
Ananse needs some money to buy food so makes some hats to sell. But on his way to the market, some monkeys steal them! Can Ananse outwit them to get his precious hats back?
Jack's mum is confused when he brings home five beans as payment for their cow. She throws them out, but they grow into a beanstalk! What will Jack find when he climbs to the top?
Three brother goats eat all the grass in their meadow. They see fresh grass on the other side of a muddy stream. However, when they try to cross the bridge, they find a grumpy troll!
When the Little Fir Tree sees the other trees in the forest being used to make things, she wonders when her turn will come. What will life be like when she's a big, tall tree?