March 2017

Episode 5

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The men face their most desperate challenge yet - life-threatening dehydration - on the final leg of their journey: a 1200-mile voyage to Timor in blistering heat

Episode 4

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After two weeks with no sight of land, the remaining men must find a way through the Great Barrier Reef. If they get it wrong, the coral could rip the bottom off their tiny wooden boat.

Episode 3

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Alone in their tiny wooden boat, the eight remaining men face the most challenging leg of their journey so far: 1600 miles across the treacherous Coral Sea

Episode 2

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The men explore a tropical island and hunt for vital food and water. Pressures of hunger and the intensity of life on such a small boat start to set in and a mutiny threatens to break out on the boat.

Episode 1

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Anthony Middleton of SAS: Who Dares Wins steps into Captain Bligh's shoes, joined by a carpenter, a doctor and some specialist sailors. They battle storms, reefs and Australia's shark-infested waters.